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Originally Posted by Easy Rider 2 View Post
So what WAS your point in starting this thread in the first place ??
Hey, Easy Rider - take it easy! You actually were the one who took this thread "off road", lol. The point was to get tips from the experienced riders what to watch for on the road. Period. Next time I will be more careful to spill my problems. I think I said that it's my personal situation, NOT nationwide. Yes, you can insure and register the bike before you have your class 6. It will cost you (insurance) 5 times as much. Real numbers - for my ninja 250r (full coverage) it looks like this: without class 6 - 1450$, with class 6 - 300$ (which I gladly paid since I did pass my test!). In addition to the insurance money issue, I said that I (again, personally) don't have anybody around to accompany me on the road. As I showed you already, you have to ride with another rider who already has class 6. That's all it was about. I don't understand why my personal problems blew your fuses , but, hey, I don't mind.

So, to "bottom line" the pointless (according to Easy rider 2) thread:
thank you for the tips anyway and the important thing - I passed my road test from the first time and now am ready to ride my bike!

I hope to head south around end of July if I will find a couple more riders to go with me. So, may be I will see you all on the roads one day!

Μολὼν λαβέ
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Congrats on passing your test. Ride safe!
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Hey GFB, congratulations!

Fer Gosh-sakes, be careful out there!

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Congratulations, and Welcome to Motorcycling.
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Originally Posted by GunsForBarbie View Post
The point was to get tips from the experienced riders what to watch for on the road. Period.
Well, then you should have stopped right there.

For me at least, that part got lost in all the rest of the issues that you brought up.

You won't get the "right" answer if you ask the wrong question!

It's good that you got it all worked out.
Now practice, practice, PRACTICE.......and wear your gear and be careful.......but not SO careful that you don't have fun.
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