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I'll chime in here. First, take the MSF course, and then decide what bike to get.

Also, it's a first bike. You're getting it to get street experience and street riding time. So it's much better to get something a little underpowered and more forgiving of mistakes. Since you're a big guy and looking for a cruiser, I'd recommend the Shadow 750. They're pretty inexpensive and there are quite a few used ones around for sale.

I don't recommend the Harley Iron 883, only because Sportsters are somewhat top-heavy and the Iron is supposed to have a terrible suspension (according to the reviews).

The M50 is not a bad choice. Have you sat on one? I own one. It's pretty easy to ride, and has a low center of gravity. It's biggest weakness is the brakes. So if you end up buying one, get sintered pads and shoes for it. And you'll probably want some aftermarket forward controls to accommodate your height. There's a good forum for that particular bike: Marauder M50 Secret Hideaway
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Awesome, thanks for the advice guys.
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