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Jordan93 10-10-2010 04:26 PM

New UK Biker Struggling with breaking to a stop
Hey, I'm from the UK and have just passed my cbt (Compulsory Basic Training) to start learning on the road. I passed my cbt in heavy rain which in the long run can only be good. However I struggled with using the engine breaking and breaks to stop while down shifting. In the wet I had already lost my front wheel once but recovered. After that I was extra careful with the front break.. maybe too careful. I would change into first slowing down and the back wheel would try to lock up. I know this is because I had no throttle but I was slowing to a stop and I did not change into first until I was at about 10mph about 16km/h. Also in the wet I would tend to overshoot stop lines. I would just like advice in this area as I am competent as a learner in most other areas. I have ridden in the dry and found the breaking to be better not overshooting or anything, but that was just because I had more confidence in the front tyre traction. I can handle low speed turns with easy as well as u-turns and my instructor was impressed with my recovery with the front wheel lock up. Its just this one area. Other than motorbikes i have ridden a push my whole life so the balance etc is already there. I alo use full protection and no too well the dangers of riding a bike. I have grown up around motorbike and have been on my dads ever since I could touch the footpegs. So thanks for any help and tips, I passed on a CG125.

seruzawa 10-10-2010 04:41 PM

I'd take one step at a time. First practice stopping without using the engine compression, just pull in the clutch. When you get comfortable with braking that way, then try using engine braking. But don't shift down too fast. Shifting into a lower gear at too high and rpm can lock the wheel.

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