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sarnali2 10-08-2010 10:58 AM

I walked away from the wreck that totaled my Trophy. After tumbling and sliding down I-5 my low-end JR Ballistic suit did it's sacrificial job and shredded itself instead of me. I still have aches and pains from the accident but nothing broken and no soft tissue damage

I thank my lucky stars I was geared up that day because I have a habit of riding in jeans and a shirt, a habit I'm pretty diligent in trying to break these days. Skill and luck will see you through 99% of the time however sometimes it's pure geometry and you become nothing but a football punted down the road. That's what you want to be ready for.

12er 10-08-2010 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by The_AirHawk (Post 250520)
That's a scary thought, having you pissed-off and lumbering toward me right after I ran you down.

"Oh, you don't wanna SHOOT 'im - that'll just make 'im MAD..........."

People ask why I didnt sue or file a claim of any sort, you basically just nailed it. The fear in that guys eyes when the horror of running someone over flipped to the horror of a huge angry person getting up off the ground and walking towards him was punishment enough for me. My gear did its job flawlessly and I know that guy is going to never make a right while looking left again. Now if I hadn't been geared up and was a road-rashed mess they would have had a hard time telling my blood from his.

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