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Well thanx every for your help. Also it will be nice if you guys can list some sports bikes that u think I shud try. And try to make them a ninja if u can. But anywaythanx a bunch for all ur help and ill update u all a week after I get my bike. =)
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I've been riding on the street 15 years and wouldn't own a supersport myself. I don't race and don't have the discipline to. I have ridden sportbikes (750 & down) and scared myself to death. The riding positions are not designed for egronomics, but rather to keep you on it while surging forward at cheek flapping rates, and you cannot really take anythng with you on one, so basically they aren't designed for the road at all, but rather a racetrack.
Not being an expert on sport bikes or dirtbikes, I'd say I'm safer on a dirtbike on the road rather then a race bike on the road.
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If you must have a Ninja, get a used 500 or 650. A 250 would be even better, but I think you're headed in another direction.

Not sure what you mena by "looser springs". Softer? I think you may be in over your head.
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If you must have a race rep, find a nice used yzf600r, not the R6. Ive had several buddies start out on them, for 600's the are the easiest to ride. Still will fly but is heavier and has a mellower power band than most. Hasnt been changed since 97 when it was 600 of the year. So any year used would be fine. Otherwise go with the options outlined above.
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