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Default Road bikes on dirt roads

I have to drive 1 mile on a dirt road to get to and from my house. I'm thinking about getting a Ninja 250 for my starter bike. Obviously I'll ride more cautiously on the dirt road and try to avoid making any sudden changes in direction or speed, but is it a bad idea in general to purchase a road bike if I live off a dirt road?
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Nah, that short of a distance should be OK (other than caution with sport-bikie-typie tires on marbles and sand) - people rode bikes in the dirt that were never intended for such for years before a "dual sport" was ever thought of (or a "dirt bike" for that matter).

That is, if what you're enquiring about is the "durability" of the bike.

Riding on such will likely improve your balance and control-skills as well.

I would not purchase a New bike - You're Going To Drop It No Matter What. Invest in a set of "Frame Sliders", new or used.
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I ride my K12rs on dirt roads all the time. knarly off camber rutted climbs I'll avoid but for the most part no issues. So if a 600lb sport tourer with a 300+ lb rider and often + wife doesnt have an issue I dont think you on the two fidy will have a problem. Just easy on the brakes, gas and watch your turns. Coupe weeks and you'll be spinning donuts.
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Spoon some Michelin Anakee's on there and you'll have your bases covered.
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I used to do improved dirt roads on my 700 lb Goldwing with the wife all the time. It's the only way to see Indian ruins in the West US. That weighed probably near 1/2 ton with riders and gear. This year we did some on a Tiger which weighs about 500lbs. A Ninja 250 would be a cinch. Since 99% of your riding will be on pavement don't sweat it. Just take it easy on the dry dirt.

In mud you're screwed no matter what tyres you have.
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