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Originally Posted by Kenneth_Moore View Post

Good of you to share your experience. Hopefully others will read this and make the right choices. I understand the desire to get the bike you really want...who wouldn't? But bikes aren't like a lot of other things we buy for fun. Bikes can kill or maim you. And even if you don't get hurt, the repairs can run into hundreds with a simple drop in the driveway. Thousands in a wreck that a car owner could call a "fender bender."
Very true. One of the reasons I went with the 800cc is to try not to get over my head. Some on another forum suggested going up to the 1100cc cruisers, but I figured that may be too much. Had I done so I may (or may not) have been happier with it for the purposes I had in mind. It may not have been too much bike as a beginner, but I it was my body, my life, I would have been gambling on that and I didn't want to take the chance.

One more thing Jeff, if you're really racking up the miles, you might be a Sport Tourer at heart. I loved my "cruiser," but even a 300 mile trip left me whipped. 300 miles on my current bike just leaves me wanting more.
A sport tourer may work for me when I'm ready, especially since I plan to take my trips solo (I'm currently single- though even if I get married in the next year or two, I'd rather my future wife get her own bike than ride as a passenger). Some of the touring bikes have features that just seem silly when riding alone (the big lazy boy like back seat on bikes like the Goldwing or Electra Glide for instance).

I certainly think you are right that a tourer fits the way I am starting to ride and the way I plan to ride in the future. I'm thinking something along the lines of the more cruiser looking tourers though. Something like the HD Road King or Road Glide, the Victory Cross Roads or Cross Country, the Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad or the Yamaha Royal Star Deluxe or Stratoliner. They give the style of the cruisers I like, with a touring suspension and seat, and at most a cruiser style backrest (if any) instead of the huge lazy boy backrest and arm rests and trunks of the traditional tourers. I've seen quite a few reviews of the current production Victory and HD tourers that even suggest that they are great in everyday riding, decent in the twisties, and get decent mileage (the Victories are around 40-41mpg, the HD's get mileage in 800-900cc Japanese cruiser territory).

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