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Originally Posted by tripleripple View Post
To be honest, a couple weekends ago I was running a few errands in shorts and boat shoes. Dumb as shyt? Indeed. Do some of us do stupid things from time to time? Yep. In the end, I was still hot, self-conscious, and worried the entire time. (But my Sperry's looked fantastic)

There are times when the weather just downright sucks and riding isn't as fun as it normally is. My opinion is that if you're going to either compromise your safety or will be completely miserable being on a bike, it doesn't make you a fair weather fan to leave it in the garage (or the alley, in my case).

Y'all act like it's a hunert and twenty degrees out here....can't be more'n a hunert and fourteen.
I took the MSF course in a heat wave. It was fun yet torturous. One of the ladies was sun burnt and got heat exhaustion. It's a good thing it was right after the class ended but boy was it hot.

@the main post: I'm pretty much going to agree with the quote above. Sometimes you just go out in a short sleeved shirt. When I was a noob looking around for a bike I saw this guy in a loose vest, shorts and sandals. I was appalled but after a series of heat waves even I ditched my jacket and I have to confess I've been on my bike in shorts. I do not recommend this and it's true you get really paranoid. On certain days, I stay indoors and go out late afternoon.
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