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Default Amazing article for beginner riders

heello everyone!
i want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, and i figured that i would do some research before i tried to hop on one and take one for a ride!
I came across this awsome article on the basic controls of a motorcycle and how they function.

Motorcycle Basic Controls - Info Barrel

I found it informative, and i hope that you do too!
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MCI? Didn't they got the way of the old Ma Bell?
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Some generalizations, but fairly solid info.

I would've included turn signal, horn and hi/lo beam controls...

Not a bad primer.

I'll give it a '90.'
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May I respectfully suggest that you sign up for a MSF or Harley-Davidson Riders Edge class?

Do-it-yourself is not a safe way to learn, nor is having your friends "teach" you a good idea either. There are a number of non-obvious gotcha's that you really need to know about. The above suggested programs will give you information that will literally save your life.
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Im also new to the motorcycle world,the articles was really helpful
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