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Default Melted rain suit on exhaust pipes.

There is an easy remedy for ALL of your problems. Catch it before it starts or even cover up a hole with a BANTHEBURN patch. It is easily applied, and I received my package within a week. Simply adhere the patch to any rain suit or even a pair of pants, let dry then ride your worries away.
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Blizzard is really pushing WOW Regrowth asWOW Gold a main-line heal it gets a huge chunk of love in the new resto tree and it has indeed become my go-to spell of choice for a lot of damage. This is not least because it's currently the fastest direct healing in our arsenal, though if Naturalist is indeed bugged, and then Nourish and HT should surpassBuy WOW Gold it. I've run into a lot of situations where speed is still what you need. With a poor group, you will find yourself using WOW Regrowth a lot to cover incidental damage. But it's still problematic as a flash heal; if the HOT ticks at an inconvenient time between mob packs while your tank's makingWOW Power Leveling the next pull, plan on getting unwanted attention. Events with spawning mobs like the last boss of Throne of the Tides and the first boss of Stonecore poseAion Gold the exact same problem.
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Default ...frankie say relax...

Originally Posted by jeff10236 View Post
So, I got my license a week ago today. I rode every day this week, though the first day was just to pull my bike from the outer parking lot of my apartment complex into the garage. I plan to ride to work today (just under 20 miles each way).

However, everyday except today for this week they are talking about rain and thunderstorms. We may get out of it one or two days (some only have 20%, 30% or 40% chances of rain).

I just really hate the idea of going a week without riding (there is even a chance of rain next weekend), but I don't want to push too fast if I don't have enough experience to try riding in the rain.

So, what do you all think?

Congrats on getting your license.

In addition to what the others have posted ...

Wait 15 minutes if you can, otherwise the water on the road will still be mixed with oil. Sometimes it even foams up a bit or looks a little soapy. You will probably notice a "stained" appearance to the wet road surface. When that is gone it is supposedly safer to ride.

It all depends on how hard it rains.

1. Visibility will be your biggest safety issue. Seeing and being seen by others is an objective hazard that you will have to manage. Get some space for yourself and ride your own ride by either slowing down and staying back, or getting out in front of people who might pose a hazard by actually driving too slow. Sounds crazy but an extra few mph on the freeway for just a moment or two can put you out in the clear where you can see better and not be surrounded by lemmings packed into shiny metal boxes. Keep your head on a swivel and take nothing for granted.

2. Frankie say Relax ...
Especially your arms. Don't fight the bike. From the elbows down just relax. Your hands will not fall off the bars.

3. It also helps to know that if you keep the bike bolt up right and, do not lean the bike over unnecessarily for curves, it will not matter so much with regards to how slick things are. Once you figure out how slow you have to go to manage going through a curve without leaning the bike over just relax.

4. The bike follows the eyes. Don't look at the pavement 3 feet in front of you. Keep your chin up and look through the curve, and maintain a constant speed from entry to exit and maybe just run 5 mph under. Not all curves have speed limit signs though so just relax, keep your head up and look at where you want to go, and the bike will follow.

5. If you are normally in 3rd gear on a particular stretch of road, run it in 4th gear at slightly slower speed and relax. I typically run 1 gear higher than normal in the rain but I drop the RPMs a little, but not so much as to let the motor bog down. Your speed in MPH should still be the same but with less chance of spinning up the rear tire.

6. Scoot your butt back in the seat a couple inches to put weight on the rear tire and then just chill out and soak it up. You will get to where you are going eventually and the slower you ride the warmer you will be.

7. Stop by down shifting and using the front brake and relax while doing so. Stay away from the rear brake unless you are very familiar with it in the rain. It helps to half-heartedly test that rear brake at likely times during the ride. You will also be testing your brake light as well. Remember to check your Six?

8. Mirrors on motorcycles are essentially useless. Keep your head on a swivel.

9. I love restaurants in the rain.

10. There can be a certain amount of PANIC when the weather changes, and it takes time to PANIC and to start riding your bike again so relax. Think more about a good rhythm or consistent pace that incorporates all or some of the above.

11. Getting caught out in the rain is awesome. Getting ass-ended by a car is not. Don't wait to lane split at a stop light if the car behind you really is not going to get stopped in time. Don't blow the stop light, just use the "emergency exit" idea that the M.S.F. talks about. I have met two people in two different states that wound up with broken backs because they were a passenger on the back of a bike that was too close to the car in front of them to manoeuvre out of the way in time.

12. Put your head light wear motorist can see it. If you can see their face when you are looking at THEIR rearview mirror then they can see you.

13. Nature abhors a vacuum. You have good habits that you know about, and bad habits that you don't. So be careful what you practice because once it becomes a habit, and you have been doing it without thinking about it for a month, you will likely do it without thinking about it for the rest of your life. This saves a massive amount of reaction time and frees up boat loads of concentration for other things. It also makes it easier to relax. Then you can spend more time being critical of the idiot commuters around you who used to drive like you did before you learned to ride. Once you do that, you will see it coming from a mile away. That should give you plenty of reaction time.

Well that turned out to pretty lengthy, didn't it?
Happiness is, ... seeing your favorite riders going over to Yamaha.

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