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Default Begginer Rider, In search for opinions !!!

Hi there, I just got me a 2004 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic, I've ridden scooters before and some dirtbikes, I had the bike checked by an authorized dealer before buying it and it was in great shape, I'm 6'2" at 280lbs and tought this would be a good bike for me, I feel very comfortable in it and would like to hear any comments on this bike if anyone can tell me any pros or cons about this ride, like for example it is shaft driven, no chain, is this a good thing or not, hate to ask noob questions but i'm still just a begginer and would like some feedback for when I upgrade my ride...Thanks !!!
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Shaft drive is cleaner but alot heavier then chain or belt drives, its easier to maintain & some say smoother power delivery, but I coudnt tell when I went from a chain bike to a shaft drive.
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Opinions we have my friend though mine are obviously the correct ones....

If you feel comfortable on the bike then you've made the correct choice, just remember it weighs a ton so adjust your stopping distance accordingly. Always use the front brake and don't follow too close. Things tend to go wrong very quickly so keep a good following distance and keep focused on the task at hand. Wear a good helmet, gloves and boots. Your hands usually hit the ground first and you really want to keep the skin on them. Likewise your feet and ankles, there are a bunch of little tiny bones in there and tennis shoes aren't going to protect them. Wear a good pair of leather work boots at least.

As far as shaft drives go, just change the oil in the rear hub at the specified intervals and you should have no trouble out of it. Overall those are pretty decent bikes and you should get plenty of use out of it, follow the recommended service intervals for the oil & filter and valve adjustments (if any) and you should be fine. Don't fool around with the pipes trying to make it louder as 9 times out of 10 it won't run much better and you'll piss off everyone around you. just leave it alone and save your money for tires and what-not. Good Luck.......
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Solid reliable motorcycle. Get a manual and check out some owner sites for the bike. It's been around a long time so there should be plenty of data out there on maintenance and accessories, etc.

Get some hours in low traffic areas like on Sunday mornings to get familiar with the bike's handling, practice stops, uturns, etc. you want to be fully confident with handling, shifting and braking before facing the loonies in their cages.
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