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Default Suzuki S40 Boulevard

Having lived the first 56 years of my life never riding a motorcycle, I now have been bitten by the bug to learn. Could and would some of you experienced riders comment on my choice of first bikes please. I am 6' tall and 265lbs. I am scheduled to take the MSF course in August and that will be using a Honda Rebel 250. I have sat on both the Honda and Suzuki and really feel comfortable on the Suzuki.
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If you feel comfortable on the bike, it's probably a good choice. Can you get your feet flat on the ground, or at least close? Performance won't be overwhelming..not a dig, just the facts, given your weight.

Don't forget to start planning and/or buying your safety gear: helmet, gloves, boots, jacket and pants. You'll probably need them for your class.

There's a New Rider thread on the forum, it's long but it has a lot of good stuff in it. Read it and you'll get some good tips.

Good luck, hope you enjoy your new hobby!
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I think with that height they souldn't have any problem reaching the ground on any cruiser? Just realize that a 250,- if you plan to eventually ride on the hwy- will not sufice. And just because the S40 is a 650 doesnt mean it will go a whole lot faster than the 250. Extra speed from 65-70 is a must when riding on the hwy. If you need to get out of trouble from that speed you'll have enough motor to make it. Just my 2 good luck.
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Or maybe some pie.
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I ride a Suzuki S40 (actually the earlier, identical, Savage).

I recommend the S40 or Savage very highly, but...but anyone starting off might do better on a lighter motorcycle. Some common beginner mistakes are better handled on a lighter bike.

I've taken the MSF Experienced Rider Course as well as studying the books by David L. Hough, Keith Code, and the web sites by Boomer Biker and James R. Davis. The MSF course is OK, but the books and sites are better. Do both.
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