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Default New Rider Questions

I'm heading in to my sophomore year of college and I was thinking of adopting a bike as my primary means of transport, but I had a few questions, first, to weigh things.

After lurking here for a bit, I figured a Ninja 250r would probably be my best bet as a beginning rider. However, I'm 6'1'' and 185 pounds, and after looking at a couple reviews and hearing a 5'5'' girl claim if fit her perfectly, I wasn't sure if it would be a good fit. Can anyone verify or deny this?

How much and what sort of maintenance can I expect to do on average? Also, how much money can I expect to put into a bike, for maintenance reasons in a given year.

I'm sort of young so I never really worried to much about insurance on my car, but as I'll be paying it now (and it's inflated due to my age) I had some concerns. Does insurance pay for maintenance issues as well or just collision type incidents? If the latter, I'll probably just opt for liability, so this was rather important.

I'm sure your input will be very helpful and thank you in advance. Also, if there's anything else you think I should know, please don't hesitate.
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Try one on to verify fit. I'm 6'6" and can fold up on a ninja 250. Maintenance is minor on the baby ninja and most you can do yourself. Call a dealer and get their rates and frequency on the bike then ask what each service is comprised of and decide what of that you can do yourself if you so choose. Insurance is normally for the road, and should be cheap on the 250, 600 different story entirely. Dealer may have a maintenance deal but doubtful, even if they do still find out what all it covers, how much of that your comfortable with and decided if its worth the money.
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Great bike- the baby ninja. What to expect- with your size about 80mph top speed. Not a great long distance bike, but a fantastic inner-city bike that you can take to the mountain on the weekends. Stick with that or a tweener ninja 500 and you'll be fine.
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Or try Suzuki's new TUX250, great "standard" bike with comfortable riding position and plenty of power for around town and even the occasional trip down the interstate when you go home.
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If it gets real cold or snows where you are, get a junk car and save the motorcycling for later. If it's warm all the time, get a Ninja 250, used and beat up already so you don't care when you drop it.
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Ninja 250s are an amazingly one size fits all bike; I'm 6'2" and find them more comfortable than the Ninja 500 or many 600 cc bikes.
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