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Originally Posted by SH1FT View Post
trust me, i know there is a time and place for everything as far as messing around goes. Is there any bolt-on modification that will "spunk" this thing up? i mean its not that i don't like it, i just wish i had a little more bottem end is all. i mean i come from muscle cars to this being my first bike. a bigger sprocket?

And, I signed up for the PAMSP (Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program) im going to take atleast the beginner course and get my license through that, then possibly take the advanced course.
First, are you riding without a license?! Not a good idea.

Second, slip-on exhausts will boost your power a little bit. Be careful though because some slip-on exhausts will boost power higher up in the rev range (where you're not riding). Check out this link to Dale Walker's HoleShot: Holeshot Performance Products, Inc. Unfortunately, that's a knock on inline-4 engines -- not enough bottom end. That's why many people would be better off getting a v-twin (Honda Hawk, Suzuki SV650, etc.) or inline triple.

Keep the Katana. Take it to a track school and see what she can really do. Stay safe!
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Originally Posted by SH1FT View Post
Is there any bolt-on modification that will "spunk" this thing up? i mean its not that i don't like it, i just wish i had a little more bottem end is all. i mean i come from muscle cars to this being my first bike. a bigger sprocket?
The power curve is largely determined by cam timing. You may get a very small low end boost with a decent exhaust/jet kit. But you are still going to have to rev the Katana to get power out of it.

Lowering gearing with a larger rear sprocket will give you better acceleration but will also raise your cruising rpms accordingly.

Better to follow DR Pulley's advice and opt for a V-twin. I hear there are some nice Buells and Ducatis available.
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first, to clear the record, no i DO have my permit. i may be new but im not a moron lol. And i hear you guys about how i have to utilize the rpm's to get the power out of it. I thought Only slip ons gave you sound? i mean if there are a few mods for a noticeable difference i would definedly consider. I mean ill atleast ride it the end of the season maybe hop on my buddies ducati 848 and see how that is. I was also lookin at buell's too, i just really dont want a payment on a bike. along with needed full coverage. i mean im only 19. so im trying to make affordable spunk, no loans please haha. thanks for the help guys. Any Suggestions on an certain bike in around the 2002 year i could maybe find for like 4000 give or take, thats what i see being efficient to spend on a bike. so i know to keep my eye out for our next winter.
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First, DON'T ride the 848! That calls up the 'Steak taste on a hamburger diet' thing. There is no comparison between your 'Zook and the Duck. And, they be right 'spensive!

Second, if you just can't stand the thought of riding the Kat another year, my suggestion would be to get one of the 955i Triumphs.

A Sprint RS/ST or a Daytona might be available in your price range. They have all kinds of torque down low, and the greatest song when you wind them up. And, they're as reliable as a hammer.
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Hi Sh1ft,

Just sort of air-dropping in here, but I had a little suggestion: do you know other bike riders? Borrow rides. Smoke-test however many different bikes you can, and get a feel for what you really like. On most of the rides and rallies I attend, we swap bikes around a lot, and it's fun and educational to ride other bikes, as long as you are insured and careful!

If you approach every bike as an experiment, and remember that accidents happen when confidence exceeds reality, you'll be OK on a borrowed bike. There really is a learning curve, and you can't get around it; it just takes time and miles.

And any time you feel comfortable on a bike, borrow a sidecar rig in a big parking lot and have some real fun!

I've been riding for around 40 years, and I'd be scared to death of that Katana......

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