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Default Is $3,000 fair for a CB400SF?

I am going to purchase my first street bike. I serve in the USAF stationed in Japan. Found a 1996 Honda CB400 Super Four version S at a dealer for 3K. It has 2,500 miles on it (about 4,000 km's). The USAF limits your first licensed/street legal bike to 600cc or less over here if you have not ever taken the BRC motorcylce safety course prior or had motorcycle on your license from the states. Have not found a 600 at a good price so thats why the 400. Question is this a fair price for someone to spend on their first street bike? Is this model Honda reliable or does anyone have any known problems/issues with any other CB models. The Japanese do take well care of their bikes here.
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Who knows? Maybe in Japan that is a smokin deal. Sounds like a bit much for here in the states, but I would check around out there to be sure.
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Agree with LR. Here in the CONUS it's too much, unless it's mint. Over there though, who knows? When I was in Korea, people often overpaid for cars, because there wasn't a good supply of used ones.
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Hard to appraise the market from across the big pond. Plus there's the complication that you are a serviceman in a foreign country.

I was stationed in Germany for 9 years, and, unless you brought a bike over in your household goods, you paid top dollar to buy a new bike, or got raked on a used bike that was already "in the system". It wasn't until I had lived there for a while that I learned how to make the system work cheaply and efficiently for me. Of course, the powers that be had no incentive to make things easy.

I am sure you are caught in a similar set of circumstances. If that $3k is all you will have to spend on a bike during your tour, and you can't wait, go for it. You are probably saving yourself a lot of heartache, and missing out on riding.

I am only vaguely familiar with the Super Four, but it seems to be a pretty cool ride. I wouldn't turn down a ride on one.

Hopefully, when its time to leave, you'll recoup most of your cost. If not, well, you'll have stories to tell.
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