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UK law, with my current license I'm restricted to 125cc 15hp. And the next level of license is both expensive (£500+, not exactly new bike price but if I have that free then I can afford things like better insurance) and because a new, more rigourous test is coming in the spring they're being booked solid up to the deadline. I imagine you could restrict a 650 v-twin to that but I'm not sure what the point would be. You'd basically turn it into one fat lump with all the speed and maneouvrability of a pig.

Both the Derbi and Hyosung lines have some pretty neat looking models that go right up to that limit, faster and more agile than my current bike and better looking and more comfortable (hopefully) than my current ride.

I know it looks like a step back when I could jump forward but for where I am right now it's a better move than pushing myself too far. And hell it's not like I'm likely to be making any serious trips out of town on it anyway, not more than 30 miles or so and the fact I can't break the speed limits on the public highway does make me more comfortable about pushing the bike around.

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Just make sure you order it with the factory scutum, pila, pugio, and plumbatae!
*laughs* I will. I wonder which is more crash-resistant, mail or segmenta?

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Hey there......If your looking for a off road bike, but also to use a street commuter bike, have you looked a the Kawasaki Super Sherpa....They are releasing a 2009 model this year in the US. However, I am sure you can find used 2001 models......The VStrom 650 is another tall bike. However, your stated "Learner Bike". My husband owns a 2009 and is 6ft2, he stands on tip toe with no problem. The bike itself is very big, you may want to sit on it and get a feel for it.....As a new rider myself, I wouldn't feel confident on this bike until I get a lot of miles under my belt. Good Luck.. Ride Safe....
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Originally Posted by seruzawa View Post
Hyosung makes a nice 125 V-twin that is fairly large for a 125. It's available in the UK and has a ~31" seat height.

Here: Hyosung Bikes
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