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Default Insurance

New to the motorcycle scene. Read the entire 39 page nebie thread and other threads, coupled with years of wanting to ride have narrowed it down between Ninja 500 or SV650 (Most likely the Ninja) of course test ride first. Going to do the MSF Course and get the safety gear.

Now to the Insurance. I'm 19 but come Feb 23, 09 im 20. So will it be cheaper to wait till im not a TEENAGER anymore to apply for insurance or just get it now and when im 20 find another company that will insure me for less, or will me 20 b-day mean s#@T to them and it wont change my rates. By the by what rates am i looking at here in San Diego, Ca with a Clean Record
Thanks in advance!
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Any company that insures you will lower your rates automagically when you hit an appropriate older age, whether that's 20, 21, 25, or whatever the numbers are. You'll just have to ask around.

As for rates, it depends on your coverages. How much $$ do you want as your insurance limits? $500,000 is going to cost you more than $100,000. Also, if you get comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist, and so on your cost will be higher than if you just get liability.

Also, the cost will depend on where you live within San Diego. If you live in an unsafe neighborhood it'll cost more.

So, you should just start calling around and see what the insurance people have to offer. Good luck!
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