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Default Re: New Florida law will require Motorcycle Safety Course

OK, I just looked it up.


We lose 140 americans for every 1 million population in traffic accidents. The report, on page 6 shows that in 25 EU countries studied, in 2003 there were about 105 per million.

I think the training and restrictions do more than squat, especially when you consider that a) cars are smaller and lighter, b) speed limits are higher and population is denser, and c) people ride motorcycles and scooters way more.

Of course, offsetting that is much more widespread use of mass transit, which is about as safe a transport method as can be devised (unless you're in India!).

Much more useful statistics would be to track trained motorcyclists for 5 or 10 years compared to untrained riders. The AMA, God bless 'em is clamoring for money to study motorcycle crashes, another reason to join.


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Default Re: Sources, Please

Ha! If you can find a broker who performs better than a balanced S&P 500 portfolio you'd better bronze him.

Data came from the World Health Organization. Part of the Lefty Canon of Holy Organizations. All kneel.

According to CARE in 2004 Britain had 551 m/c deaths. France had 804. Italy had 971. The Deutsche didn't report.

The USA had 4028 Fatalities according to NHTSA.

All three EU nations have populations of about 60 million. So figuring in population gives a death rate in Britain less than the US, France is about the same and Italy is worse.

Bottom line: If you send an idiot to motorcycle safety training you get a motorcycle safety trained idiot. I'm not against training. Not at all. I just don't think the benefits will affect the total stats that much.
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Default Re: New Florida law will require Motorcycle Safety Course

There are too many variables to conclude any of the Euro vs. US statistics. For example, as Gabe states, there are more scooters and motorcycles on the road in Europe. So I would assume that European cagers are more likely to "see" motorcyclists on the road, and yield right-of-way when appropriate. Also, aren't European drivers more highly trained than most US drivers? I know this is the case among German drivers. Having lived in Germany for three years, the Fahrschule (driving school) car is a common site on German roadways.
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Default Re: New Florida law will require Motorcycle Safety Course

Dude, go watch Run Ronnie Run.
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