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wwalkersd 08-07-2003 08:51 AM

Re: Pictures are worth a thousand words
Compare your pics to those of a pro, and you'll see that a pro has his upper body much further off the bike, and lower.

On the lean/slide bike that California Superbike School has, you can practice hanging off while the bike is stationary, with someone there to immediately correct your position. For me (45, two bad disks), the correct position was the position of maximum pain. For you it might be different. :-)

Pacer 08-07-2003 09:03 AM

Re: Worthwhile suspension mods??
Of Chicago???

chris820 08-07-2003 09:03 AM

Re: Worthwhile suspension mods??
one more thought.....once you do get the suspension set up as good as you can pirelli and metzeler make a race 190/55 that will add a little rear ride height. which is perfect for bikes with six inch wide rear wheels that come stock with 190/50. Also, i agree, michelin pilot sports suck for aggressive street or track riding....

ZRX_bullock 08-07-2003 10:22 AM

Re: Pictures are worth a thousand words
I was there that day in the medium/slow group as well. I was on the Red Kawasaki ZRX. It was a great day for a track day at BIR. I've thought about upgrading my suspension but wanted to try some track days before I made any changes and now I'm hooked on track days and only have money left for more track days.

Abe_Froman 08-07-2003 10:29 AM

Re: Worthwhile suspension mods??
You're not also taking into consideration a round-trip plane ticket, hotel accomodations, possible rental car if there's no shuttle to the track, and some meal costs. I live in MN and Code, Spencer, and Schwanz don't.

nokneedragin 08-07-2003 10:57 AM

Re: Worthwhile suspension mods??
The Superbike school (code) travels around the country, and will provide a race preped bike for you to see what the ride should feel like.

check out for the schedule.

nokneedragin 08-07-2003 11:02 AM

Re: Worthwhile suspension mods??
They also give you a great primer on suspension setup to keep.

If you want you can run your bike and they will track prep it for you. Plus they will set there and run through the last session 1 on 1, they do make you faster on track in one day.

wfowade 08-07-2003 11:27 AM

Re: Worthwhile suspension mods??
Suspension mods make a difference!

Recently, I was in the same exact spot with my '99 R1. I added an Ohliins shock and could not beleive it was the same bike. Big improvement there. Then I got carried away-thinking that some wheels should be next on the list. While looking for a set of magnesium wheels (track use only), I stumble across a very sano track only bike that had been given the full chassis monty. Ohlins forks, GMD Comptrack offset triple clamp, Penske shock with different linkage to raise the rear ride height, magnesium wheels. Very little in common with my stock bike in the end. Way more stable without having to resort to a steering dampner (positively no headshake, thank you GMD Computrack). The only downside is that the bike does not give quite as much front end feedback. Yet I cut over three seconds a lap off at my home track by the second session (1:17's Roebling Road). Comptrack says this bike has the same geometry set up Gobert used on his R7. Whatever, it plain works!!!

I now have a street R1 (Ohlins shock) with only about 3500 miles for sale-

maccasmark 08-07-2003 02:17 PM

Re: Worthwhile suspension mods??
I have a 2002 CBR600F4i. After 2 Superbike School courses and 3 track days (at Phillip Is, Australia) I got RaceTech Gold Valves for the front and rear, a new RaceTech front spring, and had the rear raised via a 3mm washer on the rear shock.

I wish I had waited longer before doing this.

While I'm sure the mods improved my suspension, the feel of the bike was greatly changed - and I immediately lost confidence, resulting in slower lap times. In fact I test rode other bikes with dialled in stock suspension at the track - and they felt much better.

I believe you need to understand the suspension before you try to improve it. Play around with the settings on stock suspension. Either you find a better setup, or you'll work out what you need improved. From what you've said, extra preload on the rear sounds like a starting point.

Considerable suspension setup experimentation, another Superbike School course (level 3) and 10 more track days, and I've ripped 10 seconds off my best laptime. But I don't really know if this is mainly due to improved riding ability or improved suspension - cos I'm definitely riding much better.

When I got the suspension mods - it comes with a sortof guarrantee period whereby I can get anything changed within the first 3 months. But it took me 6 months to get my suspension sorted out. I now know I need a stiffer front spring and thinner (or less) oil in the front fork - but the guarrantee period has expired.

I reckon my suspension mods was a waste of money - cos I wasn't in a position to know exactly what I wanted. And now I've blown that money I can't afford to get the changes I know I need.

tomekd 08-07-2003 02:18 PM

Re: Worthwhile suspension mods??
Springs on 1st gen R1 are too soft on both ends,coming out of corners on the power forks extend too much, rear squats, geometry is changed to cruiser like and bikes runs wide .Sky is the only limit how much do you want to spend fixing this but bare minimum would be 0.95 fork springs and rear shock with 500lbs/inch spring( for 200 lbs rider+ gear)

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