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Default Re: Shoei RF 900 review

Um, thanks for the review. I'll be "ware"-ing my Shoei when I go riding.
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Default Re: Shoei RF 900 review

First: someone please copy edit articles posted on the site. You "wear" a helmet, you should be"ware" riders without helmets. Stocks and other financial instruments may be "unconvertible", helmets may be "uncomfortable". A suprise is something that came from "nowhere", while "no ware" may mean a hacker without his computer.

Second: the review didn't do much to compare and contrast the RF-900 against other helmets, including wind noise, ventilation effectiveness, fogging, scratch resistance in lens and paint, balance and weight, etc.

Finally: there was little discussion of the most important factor in choosing a hemet... how close the helmet mold is to your skull shape. Different helmets are constructed to fit different head shapes and even if the RF-900 is great for you, it may feel like icepicks into my temples, which isn't any good.

However, after tearing the hell out of your review, I'd like to say thank you for volunteering your effort to write something up for MO! Don't stop just because I'm a ****



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