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sarnali2 10-27-2007 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by idattu (Post 172078)
Ninjabully ~

Ugly Honda it is...... but for the long term reliability record in my house. Thanks again for spreading the word.

Why don't you buy a 1200R Sportster? tnen you won't have to put up with an ugly baby imitation and you won't have to worry about Japanese bike UN-reliability

seruzawa 10-27-2007 03:32 PM

... you have about the same roll of the dice no matter whose bike you buy. In my experience I've had more trouble from Hondas than any other brand I've owned... including Ducati and HD. I've put more miles on Kawasakis than any other manufacturer and have had very little trouble. Honda is just as unresponsive as the rest if you do encounter a serious difficulty.

sarnali2 10-27-2007 05:00 PM

I guess I've put more miles on Harleys than anything else. I've owned more of them than any other manufacturer and I kept them a lot longer. I put a lot of miles on my Trophy and also my K 100RS but in the aggregate I think Harley comes out on top by a pretty fair margin.

I was lucky with the VFR, even though I had electrical trouble with it the dealer, Hinshaws Honda in Auburn was very supportive, giving me a break on the second regulator even though the bike was out of warranty.

Concours06Rider 09-09-2008 05:01 AM

I purchased a new 06 Concours on 3/1/06 and had many issues which I tried to have Kawasaki Customer Service help me address with the dealer, Bob Traceys World of Cycles, Moon, PA, and was told that they could not do anything. I was able to repair all the problems myself and only take the bike to them for oil/filter changes and state inspections. They did not do any of the delivery checks, either. They did fill out the form, but they did not do anything on the list. They assumed that it was already done at the factory.
You mention that you want an engine from the factory and I think that you should get a brand new engine, but didn't the original engine come from the factory? I suspect they did not even check to see if there was any oil in your bike when they uncrated it. I wonder if you contacted the Kawasaki factory in Japan, if you would get more response.
I purchased a new H-D, a 1980 Tour Glide, and had problems with it. The sent a factory mechanic to rebuild the engine that they suspected of having a problem. When that did not resolve the issue, they replaced the engine with a NEW factory engine, which also did not resolve the problem. A mechanic resolved the problem with a big screwdriver inserted in the oil fill opening which separated the return and vent lines inside the tank. But the point is that H-D even back in 1980 did put in a lot of effort to ensure that my new purchase was repaired. I had another issue about a year later that left me stranded in a little town making me miss a pre-paid event which I missed as a result of the break down. I promptly traded it for a 1982 Yamaha Virago 920 and took a big loss in the process. I probably will never own another H-D either. But they were very responsive to my problems. Kawasaki needs to get a wake up call. I realize that this is only 3 problems out of many thousands of bikes that they sell, but Coca Cola did a study years ago and realized that one unsatisfied customer tells many more people about the unsatisfactory issue than satisfied customers talk about satisfactory issues. So they address every concern with personal attention with replacement product and coupons and a personal letter concerning the issue. Sounds like Kawasaki could take a lesson.

Gregory Thomas
Pittsburgh, PA
AVOID Bob Traceys World of Cycles, Moon, PA at all costs. Tell your friends.

highwayman 07-12-2010 04:21 PM

I am DONE with Kawasaki. I bought a new 2008 zx14 in April of 2009 from a dealer in Evanston, Wyoming. When I got the bike home I removed the cowling covering the passenger seat. The seat underneath the cover was stained and the cover had worn the paint off of the rear fender cover. I contacted the dealer who told me he would take care of it. It took SIX MONTHS of constant calls before he finally told me that Kawasaki wanted photos of the damage. I took the bike down and he took his photos. About a month later he finally produced a seat cover. I took him the seat and three days later he returned it. He never came up with anything to take care of the paint damage.

I called Kawa. customer service and gave them the run down. They told me the guy had never filed any kind of warranty claim with them. So, he had been lying to me about the warranty the whole time. The customer service guy then tells me they wouldn't have replaced it anyway! I asked about the paint damage on my brand new bike and he told me I would have to buy paint from Color Rite, and no, Kawasaki would not cover the cost.

I told this tool that this was the first Kaw I have ever owned and I would NEVER buy another. It was very obvious he didn't give a damn. I always have at least one road bike and one dirt bike in my garage. This was my first venture into Kaws. It will be the last. I should have bought the Hayabusa.

pplassm 07-13-2010 05:35 AM

"THE" highwayman? I think not.

seruzawa 07-13-2010 05:47 AM

On the other hand a friend bought a Ninja650 a couple months back. She bought Givi luggage for it. To mount the luggage she had to extend the wires to the turn signals. A couple days later the bike began to ride rough. She took it in to the dealer where they fixed it.. found some loose wires... and covered it free under warranty work.

I've put many many more miles on the road on Kawasakis than Hondas. I'd still buy a Kawasaki any day over any f***ing Honda. Once my old Goldwing is sold no Honda will ever sit in my garage. No Honda lawnmowers, generators... nothing with a Honda label on it. You sheep can have a great time lining up to buy Hondas though. Every dollar for Honda means more money donated to anti-OHV envirowacko groups in the US.

trenttheuncatchable 07-13-2010 07:03 AM

I would figure that the person/shop who sells/fixes your bike is where you can expect the level of service is going to come from. Manufacturers can only be relied on for a general consistency in quality. So you have to look at overall customer satisfaction with a particular bike brand or model, and any recalls, and then buy from the right person/shop.

I loved my Kawasaki Ninja 250 (which I bought used from a private party), and if I could have had a bigger motor put in it at reasonable cost, I would still own it. I am happy with the Kawasaki Z750S that "replaced" the 250, and I am also very happy with my Honda CBR 1100XX, which is 11 years old and has 28K miles on it.

With cars, I do not trust the American brands to be as trouble-free and reliable as Japanese brands. That is because I have had better experiences in the past with Japanese brand cars than American brand cars. However, nowadays the Japanese or Korean brand car one buys can have been assembled in an American plant, and even the parts can have been made in American factories. So Japanese cars aren't really (Japanese), and the same goes for American cars.

So, if I were in the market for a non-winter car, I would give a serious look to the new 31mpg, 305hp Ford Mustang, and do some research on customer satisfaction with local Ford dealers in my area, so that if/when the car needs service the dealer (read: service manager) will provide it.

Kenneth_Moore 07-13-2010 10:30 AM


"The Motorcycle Manufacturer With Fewer Felons!"

VAL86gt50 07-22-2010 12:23 PM

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