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das 10-02-2001 12:39 PM

Re: Eric Bostrom stays green
Interesting, but somewhat confusing. If Eric is interested in AMA Superbike, with an eye towards World Superbike... why stay with Kawasaki? They've recently been talking about pulling out of World Superbike altogether, right?

Best of luck to Eric, I think he's a great rider.

Alan 10-02-2001 12:42 PM

Re: Eric Bostrom stays green
I like Eric's attitude, he's not .

Best of luck to him...

pmmonster 10-02-2001 02:43 PM

Re: Eric Bostrom stays green
It is confusing unless there is some link to Kawasaki's upcoming return to the G.P. ranks via an undisclosed bike. Maybe 2002 is a development year for the G.P. bike with Eric slotted as their lead G.P. rider. If so, it would be very unlike the mfr's/riders to look that far ahead. Best of luck to Eric.

weak_link 10-02-2001 05:59 PM

Re: Eric Bostrom stays green
I read somewhere else that Eric liked the fact that he had developed a good working relationship w/ his team that they had a good fit. Something to the effect that sometimes changing teams isn't the best thing, and to know a good thing when he has it. That's not a quote, I'm just too dopey to remember what he actually said. Something like that though.

No mention of the WSB stuff other than he 'might' be doing other rounds, I'd love to know what that means.

Pez 10-08-2001 01:06 PM

Re: Eric Bostrom stays green
So who's gonna ride the 600's??? I heard the whole Honda crew (DuHamel, Hayden & Roberts) were all resigned for 2002, but none will ride 600's. I think the 600SS races have been much more entertaining to watch, the races always close and any rider/bike in the hunt on any given day. Plus it's fun to see all the big name guys on the 600's. Oh well. Hope to see some of these guys on 4 stroke GP bikes then.

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