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CBR1000F 09-19-2001 07:57 AM

Re: Two good reasons for detuning
You hit the nail on the head... for you, it's sport-TOURING. For me, it's SPORT-touring. I don't like shaft.

tony 09-19-2001 08:04 AM

Re: Lets keep things in perspective here
That's just it they don't sell very well. Both dealers in my town sell the four Japanese bikes. They are pretty much sold out of all the 2001 bikes except the Kawasaki's. They are even offering huge discounts on them. The zrx1200 did sell but a number of their other models don't move.

A few years it looked like Yamaha was letting the bike market go but they came back strong. I'm waiting for Kawasaki to do something now.

starvingstudent 09-19-2001 08:11 AM

re: bags + a little digression
A Commando 750 being one of the baddest bikes on the planet--now we've got Hayabusas and stuff. Wow. Wouldn't you love to get a time machine, take a stock EX500 back to 1965, and smoke every comer?

My father calls an SV650 a "large sportbike". And that's the naked version, not even the -S, which he calls a "crotch-rocket." And now motorcycle magazines won't even use the term "sportbike" for the VFR (and even the ZX-6R gets called a sport-tourer *ahem*). Things do change.

One wonders if the next big oil crisis will make everybody ride 650 twins again, or whether we'll always call 750/4's "middleweights"? Fifty years from now will we be selling 140hp "beginner bikes"?

LimeSqueezr 09-19-2001 09:01 AM

Funny thing about the Voyager XII...
I don't usually see geezers on them, which is what one might expect. Instead I see YOUNG people of all things riding those garish behemoths. Last one I saw had a couple in their early 20's who had BOTH dyed their hair metallic maroon to match the bike when they pulled off their helmets!!! I guess you're right, they do like the retro-kitschness of riding such a 2-wheeled casino as they lumber down the road playing Mel Torme tapes. It's actually a pretty nice ride for the money if that's *all* you want to do and it continues to sell because of that. Lord knows Kaw could use a new tourer but it would need to be called something else and not be a replacement for the Voyager or Connie, which both have a following *and* good aftermarket support for Japanese bikes (because of their Harley-like resistance to any significant change). Ironic that Kawi has managed to pick up on a little bit of what it is the Motor Co. really does, but has done it with a couple of models that don't resemble anything from Milwaukee.

Rafi 09-19-2001 09:23 AM

Re: Glad Kawazuki is making an XX. Somebody should.
Ah, but used Blackbirds are going for $5500-6500 nowadays, which is a pittance for such an awesome bike. Why would anyone buy a new bike?

markszrz 09-19-2001 09:47 AM

Re: Glad Kawazuki is making an XX. Somebody should.
I love the Blackbird. I even tried to buy one but couldn't find a new one (or excellent condition used) unless they were asking $8500-$11,000.00. So to make a long story short, I bought a ZRX1200 and put a Zero Gravity fairing (little more coverage and still looks for the most part stock) and will consider trading it in if and when the ZZR-12 (or ZX12 or Concours) shows up in my local Kawasaki shop. By the way: Kawasaki, if your listening, put a shaft on the bike.

tony 09-19-2001 10:04 AM

Re: Glad Kawazuki is making an XX. Somebody should.
How do you know Honda isn't making the cbr1100-xx. It was a popular bile around here. I know last year Honda didn't list the st1100 right away but time all their 2001 bikes were announced it was on thelist. Right now Honda only list the bikes that sold out in 2001 and are early release 2002's. I

expect them to sell the cbr1100 this year.

tony 09-19-2001 10:06 AM

Re: Superhawk tank = 2 gal. LOL!
Did the Superhawk gas milage increase now that it has fuel injection? It is one of the major things that kept me from buying one.


tony 09-19-2001 10:10 AM

re: bags + a little digression
1400cc beginners bike with 140 instead of 250 horse power. Run from coast to coast in 24 hours?

Borg-Biker 09-19-2001 10:35 AM

Re: 2002 Kawasaki ZZ-R1200
I LOVE the GPZ1100! Man I was sad when they stopped producing that bike. I, for one don't know if the ZX11 motor really needed more midrange. they have essentially taken a ZX11, put on a less attractive fairing, and added midrange torque. Last ZX11 I rode had so much midrange I laughed out loud every time I twisted the throttle in top gear(and the other gears were almost frightening). I think if they had concentrated on a set of first rate suspension, and not so much on making it "spacy" looking, they would have had hit the bullseye. I know there is a market for sport-tourers that have a sport bias.

I still think a VFR1000 would be my ULTIMATE bike. With VTEC AND 1000cc's, it should be able to have at least R1 level power and increased low and mids. The Japenese motor companies CAN build what we want, but they don't. I think it's the bean-counters. I say put the engineers in charge, and we'd get what we want.

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