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Default Kawasaki Nirvana - 9R Forever

I have a mint 2000 9R. I know the 10R keeps evolving, but can’t beat the liter Gixxer in the rigged AMA Superbike races and the 14 continues to try to smack the Hayabusa. For my money, the 9R is still the bike! 135bhp rear wheel is still hard to beat. If your going the distance it wont beat you up. I live in SoCal and if you want to carve, the 9R does it just fine on Palomar or anywhere. What do you guys think?
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I think I find it amusing when people believe that "old bikes" have somehow gotten "slower" over the years; just because the latest, greatest thing is all shiny and "technologically superior". Out here in the Real World, is the Ninja 10R an' Gixxer-thou really that much faster than you on your 9R? I doubt it.

You keep on rockin' there, my friend. I'd ride with you, but I'm half a continent away.
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I had a 2000 9R for 3 years. It was comfortable, fast, and lots of fun. Nothing wrong with them. The newer ones are .1% faster, so if that really matters, then go for the 10. It will probably not be as good all-around as the 9.
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I had a 9R as well, it was a wonderful bike, truly a great motor. Pulled like a raped ape at the top end of the power band, and not too flaccid on the bottom end. It wasn't an iron butt bike, but a couple of hundred backroad miles weren't that painful. I've ridden a few of the current sport bike crop, and while they might be faster, I didn't magically become a better rider, which means I'm not going to be much if any faster on them than I will on the 9r. Keep dragging the pegs and have fun, the only folks who will be faster are the people who are faster, not the bikes that are faster.
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