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lampell 06-09-2007 09:55 PM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
My 2008 is my third KLR. It certainly does not feel heavier than my old ones. It does however take crosswinds way better than the old model, stops better, goes better and is more comfortable. That being said I sold it after one month cuz I don't go off road much and my 07 Tiger is a much better road bike.

dfo 06-10-2007 05:09 AM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
I recently test rode a new '08 KLR. The suspension and brakes are now worthy of their names and the saddle felt ok, but........ I also tested a DR 650 and the difference in feel amazed me. The old, stoneage DR felt positively lively, quick and responsive compared to the new, somewhat improved KLR. Yup...I bought the Suzuki. Also, the simplicity and virtually bulletproof reputation of the DR versus several known problem areas (one of which may still be there in the chain driven counterbalancer-gear driven in the DR 650) added more reasons to go with the DR 650. DFO

seruzawa 06-10-2007 03:50 PM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
Anyone who has been really following motorcycles has figured out by now that manufacturers (or the importers) lie about "dry weights" regularly. While most people think of dry weight as a bike without gasoline or oil in it I think that the "dry" stated weight is actually the shipping weight sans the crate. Bikes are shipped from the manufacturers without batteries or tires. So what American Honda or Kawasaki calls the "dry" weight is more likely shipping weight.... or just some figure that comes into their heads out of the blue.

I remember when Ducati's 250s increased in horsepower each year back in the 60's while no changes were being made to the engines. Magic! Those bikes eventually had 30hp according to Berliner Motors' ad copy... so it's gotta be true.

seruzawa 06-10-2007 03:51 PM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
Enough of the real world experience of owners. That carries no weight here. Magazine statistics only, please.

hutch312 06-10-2007 10:14 PM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
I think the weight gain on the KLR would be a plus. I road a 2001 on a 3 day trip and it was too light on the highway and vibrated so much the boys downstairs were on the verge of suicide. If you want a more dirt worthy, lighter weight Dual sport go for the DR650 or the XR650L. Not as comfy on the highway but off road they blow the KLR away.

gas_pig 06-11-2007 12:54 AM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
I tend to like KTM's ready to ride published weight measurement (no fuel). I'm not saying whether it's accurate or not... it just seems to be a good real world method of comparing bike weights.

KLRer 06-11-2007 04:53 AM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
The prior model was listed at 337 lbs dry, this one at 386 lbs. Dream on that the old one was listed low and the new one high.

It might still be a good bike but 50 lbs heavier? Less manueverable, harder to pick up, slower.

KLRer 06-11-2007 04:55 AM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
Most of the supermotards in the 650cc range, like Husqqvarna and KTM, weigh in in the 325 to 340 range as I recall.

KLRer 06-11-2007 04:58 AM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
Every review Ive read indicates its slower than the old bike as one might expect. They say something like "not any peppier" or "no noticeable improvement in performance" which probably means the results of adding 50 lbs to the same old torque curve are about what the laws of physics demand.

JoelReiter 06-11-2007 07:08 AM

Re: 2008 KLR650 gains 50 pounds?
"Dream on that the old one was listed low?"

That's what I'd say too if I bought a 2007 KLR and didn't want to deal with the reality that I just paid full retail for an obsolete motorcycle.

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