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Default Re: Kawi Jumps Into The Stunter Scene.

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Default Re: Kawi Jumps Into The Stunter Scene.

Did you Google that yourself? Or did your daughters find it for you?
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Default Re: Kawi Jumps Into The Stunter Scene.

No, I didn't say that. I said it might make them think twice. Of course most will still do it. And the vast majority will never make a penny from it. But there are some groups who are at least trying to move it off the streets because they have enough sense to realize that people's patience is running out. Some have realized that without an effort to clean up their image, the sport will be killed before it has a chance to become anything substantial. Then no one will make a buck.

Some have even had the insight to realize that street stunting is pissing the rest of us riders off. They know they're going to need at least some support from the motorcycling community. Granted, it's still probably a small number.

Frankly, stunting has become so widespread that it's obvious that it's not going away anytime soon. Better to have it legitimized with a more responsible code of conduct than to let the current chaos rule.

Tell me how it's bad to have real pros and a growing number of stunters telling the squids that what they're doing is not cool?
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Default Re: Kawi Jumps Into The Stunter Scene.

Hey to the wonderufl user called "Stunter" who sent me the email telling me to "Shut To F*ck Up" about stunting" why don't you send me your real email so we can have a real debate! Yes I saw kids die being stupid trying to race on the streets but I've seen more hurt and die trying to be a stunter. Riding is not a RIGHT its a privledge and I don't want to loose it! Look in China - they outlawed all motorbikes in a number of cities. Don't think it can't happen here? Look in California where people can't ride dirtbikes on there own land. I've been riding for 26 years, raced a number of those years at the track and I never pulled a wheelie on the street. NEVER! I also never touched knee on the street. Yes at the track I've done all this but when NO ONE was around me. I teach MSF courses and I show up to my classes in full leathers and on a Ducati 999s. I'm not saying this to "impress" anyone I'm saying this to let you know I'm serious about my hobbie (I also have a Harley, a number of dirtbikes and a 1098S on order). So how about be grow up, turn you hat around the correct way and stop acting like a gangster wanna be. Learn to respect the machine, respect others on the road and take it to the damn track!
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Default Re: Kawi Jumps Into The Stunter Scene.

And he forgot "whoopee !"
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