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Default Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

If you must buy new, I'd go with the 650R hands down. That 650R will be cast by the racer boyz as a sissy girls bike. Don't buy into it.

..but like everybody else says, a used bike makes the best first bike.
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Default Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

Ignore this guy. If you know what is fun on a motorcycle, the Ninja 250 would be pleny of motorcycle for years. I have been riding a 573cc I-4 for 6-7 years, and I still wish I had a 250 Ninja. They get great gas mileage, are easily faster than any car from light to light, are cheaper than dog drool, and with a few upgrades can be unbeatable little streetbikes.

Another thing, don't listen to the yahoos telling you that you WILL drop your bike a dozen times as soon as you get it. I have yet to drop mine, and I don't plan on going to the parking lot and pushing it over a dozen times any time soon.
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Default Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

Of these two choices, either one is acceptable IMO (If you have the judgement for riding on public roads in the first place...), the 650 is the better starter bike. It is much more user-friendly, and it's a great bike. I have one and I just sold my ZZR about 2 months ago when I finally got my ZX14.

The 650 is a great all-around bike, and it's plenty easy to start out on, if you are at least 5'6", or so, and have the aforementioned judgement. I also have a Ninja 250 (My wife rides our bikes, as well.). It's a great bike, too, but I think you'd want more in pretty short order, unless you're a very moderate, conservative, strictly practical rider.

Go w/the 650. It's the best compromise of starter/do-anything-you-want- for-a-long-time bike. If you're a typical 20 year old enthusiast, you're going to want more too soon, anyway. It's a disease. Just keep it in check, so as not to kill yourself.

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Default Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

Welcome to the world of motorcycles, B-O-J! Sounds like you are going about it the right way. I would echo the remarks of some of my fellow posters that a used bike makes more sense, but if you have the money for a new bike, why not? If you can pay cash for the bike, you can carry only liability insurance, which is WAY cheaper than full coverage. I'm 43 with a clean driving record, and full coverage insurance on some bikes is about $500 a MONTH! If you got a good deal on something like a used SV650, you could save a bundle o'money on insurance. If you paid cash for a brand new ZZR or 650, you would be taking quite a gamble to carry only liability... as previously mentioned, a minor spill could cost big bucks. Don't forget: if you carry full coverage, they'll cover the cost of fixing your scraped-off fiberglass, but then you'll have a comp claim on your insurance, which is worse than a ticket. There are a lot of factors that argue for a good cheap used bike with minimal bodywork. I don't necessarily agree with the folks that say you'll definitely drop your bike... I have probably about 20 years on bikes, with one 35mph low side, and two walking-speed tip-overs. It is NOT inevitable that you will drop your bike. That's where the MSF courses come in really handy-- they give you confidence riding at very low speeds, where you don't have speed and gyroscopic force to keep you up. My advice: go to www.traderonline.com and surf for used bikes in your area. See if you can find one that looks relatively cool to scoot around on for a year or so, then sell it some other lucky kid, and get the bike you really want. Another piece of advice: in my experience it is very hard to judge the riding position of a bike on the showroom floor. I spent hours staring at my present bike (a 2003 Aprilia Falco) and sitting on it in the showroom before I bought it. About two miles from driving it away I realized the riding position was brutal for me. I've learned to live with it, and I'm going to put on some higher bars-- it's not so bad that I would sell it for that reason, but I had no indication until I was actually riding that the position was so stretched-out. Keep in mind: the more "sit up" the position, and the wider the bars, the less likely you are to end up in a wrestling match with the bike where you will lose (such as in a awkward parking lot maneuver).

Good Luck!
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Default Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

Call a company called PSIC 800-303-5000. Get a quote on the 650r. The ZZR will be out of your price range for insurance until you 25. The ninja 650 is much wiser decision at your age.
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Default Like was said above Ninja 250 or 500

Like was said above get a used Ninja 250 or 500.

Drop it, ride the stuffing out of it, learn from it. You can pick up one of these small bikes a lot easier then the bigger ones, and who cares if a used 250 Ninja is scuffed up.

Then go out and get a bigger faster bike.

Having never ridden before you have no idea what you are getting into power wise.

Learning to ride on either a ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R is like learning to drive by starting with a new Corvette or Viper. Yes these bikes are that fast especially for a new rider.

Plus you learn a lot running a small bike really hard. You can learn to ride a used 250 Ninja to it's limits on the street for a couple of months then turn around and sell it for what you paid for it and use the down payment to pick up that new ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R.

Don't let the stigma or ego bashing of riding a 250 or 500 stop you. The really good riders out there will approve and know you are making the right move. The really bad riders won't be able to keep up in the twisties anyway.
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Default Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

I think the 650 is a good way to go if you have the cash. I hate to hear the "get a 250" arguement because it's not really enough bike if you intend to use it as real transportation and not a toy. I've seen plenty of guys get way over their head by buying a 250, riding for a summer, then trading up to a supersport or literbike when they think they know what they're doing. I started on a new Triumph Bonneville after taking the MSF course. I never had a problem with having too much engine and enjoyed the hell out of the bike for three years with no incidents.

However, it is a hard fact that most riders will drop their first bike so you'd probably be better off with a used SV650 or Nighthawk 750. They're not sexy, but they're real bikes that are all anyone really needs on the street.
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Default Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

Welcome to motorcycling, Blade of Justice! The trouble with the ZZR is that, well, you don't plan on doing wheelies and stoppies, but, well, as a beginner you may do them without planning if you're on something like a ZZR.

You can start on something like a 600 cc supersport without killing yourself, true. But you'll be a much better rider, and a safer one too, starting on a less powerful bike. If you want to really learn how to be a good rider, it's better to have a bike that is less likely to scare you and better at building confidence. You may decide you want more power in a year or so, but you'll probably be able to sell your first bike for just a little less than what you paid for it anyway.
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Default Re: ZZR 600 or Ninja 650R?

Well starting on a Bonneville explains why you never had the problem of "too much engine."
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Default Obscene post...


2004 Honda 599. Should be able to find one for a few grand or less. Insurance will be dirt cheap. Plenty of power but very forgiving handling for the new rider.
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