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mscuddy 08-03-2004 10:26 AM

Re: Disturbing
What are you, the hall monitor?

This, once again cut from Fuji's Golf cart page:

"A 4-cycle, V-twin Cylinder, Horizontal shaft, Over-Head Cam (OHC) Engine."

For the Golf Cart! Hey, Victories got Golf Cart Motors! Now that's a good one...

Fuji and Polaris (Victory) have an important relationship that goes back over 20 years. Fuji supplies motors for, evidently, everything Polaris makes. And now we know where they get the Victory motor, too.

And you don't think that Fuji, a multi-national titan, who builds everything from weed-wackers to supertankers, has any say in a Polaris design? Puh-leeze.

As the true prophet, Mr. Know-It-All use to say: "You really should have known."

Hey, whatdaya think of that new Rocket III? Sweet, eh?

nokneedragin 08-03-2004 10:42 AM

Re: Stellican Limited, Owners of Chris-Craft Boats Acquire Indian Motorcycle Brand
Maybe they could use inlaid woods for the tank symbol, instead of cloisone.

SeanAlexander 08-03-2004 10:46 AM

Re: Stellican Limited, Owners of Chris-Craft Boats Acquire Indian Motorcycle Brand
Modern Chris-Craft boats are moderately priced mid-sized cruisers, with good quality and most importantly modern artistic design and styling. They do NOT all look like 1950s Constellations or wooden lake boats. Hopefully Stellican can do the same for Indian. -Sean

SeanAlexander 08-03-2004 10:52 AM

Re: Good move
Wasn't that the "Good women at reasonable prices" guy? -Sean

pdad13 08-03-2004 10:53 AM

Re: Stellican Limited, Owners of Chris-Craft Boats Acquire Indian Motorcycle Brand
I can't speak for the health of the new bike market. The few dealers I've been in recently seem to have plenty of traffic. I did see someone buy a sport bike last week, but I don't have a clue how many people are actually buying. The sales manager at the dealer said Victory sales are up about 20% nationwide, but take that for what it's worth.

I have this belief that introducing a new brand can sometimes spark a stagnant market. It's very possible that people are getting bored with what's being offered. If there aren't as many new riders, or advancing riders looking to move into a new bike, maybe it's a good time to start a new category of bikes. We all know what Harley-Davidson stands for. Most of us now know what Victory stands for. What incentive will current owners have to buy new bikes when they know that this year's H-D is essentially the same as one from 2, 5 or 10 years ago? It's pretty much the same for the whole cruiser segment.

You're right, if the bike market is slowing (which we don't know for sure), it could be a bad time to re-launch a new marque--especially if they go the "me too" route with the bikes. But with a little daring, some imaginative product planning, and good marketing, it could be the perfect time to shift the paradigm of the American motorcycle.

So, what will Indian stand for?

I think a nice opportunity exists in the muscle bike segment. Capitalize on the "American muscle" mindset. They can have a broad range of bikes from cruiser to naked/sport, but with the muscle bike concept infused in every model. Incorporate a good amount of high-tech, and some new think engineering, but keep the bikes fairly simple. Make simplicity a virtue. But also make the bikes perform (This is not a contradiction, there's a lot of proven techology out there that performs well). Make them the best performing American bike by a wide margin (not a difficult task). But don't take on the Japanese head-to-head, especially in the sport bike category. Don't build race replicas, build lean, mean, hot rods for the street.

Then put them in brave wrappers. Ditch the retro '50's styling for all but one of the cruiser models and use aggressive shapes and finishes. Ditch me-too sportbike styling for the sportier models and pen something fresh.

Yup, forget the Chief and the Scout. For those who think this is heresy, ask yourselves if the original Indian, who in their heyday prided themselves on engineering and performance, would be making traditional cruisers today if they had survived. I doubt it. Performance with style is really Indian's legacy--and the real essence of the brand. Throwing together another me-too copy of an H-D would be the last thing they would do.

Then the marketing department needs to sell "American muscle on two wheels" and get the consumer thinking that a big, heavy, traditional cruiser, or a peaky, 130 hp race replica may not be the best bike for most people. After all, in both cases it's true. This is the hardest part of all. Buell is having some success with its approach, but Indian can do better with a more aggressive marketing program an all-new line of freshly designed bikes. No "left over" Sporty engines here.

Add lots of investment, expect to lose money for awhile and keep hammering "American Muscle on Two Wheels"

home. Take advantage of the performance gap, and, in effect, deposition H-D--making them look old, stodgy and behind the curve to a lot of people (Sorry Harley-lovers, but this is how you win the game).

Of course, all of this is risky. Going the me-too route seems much safer. In reality, it's probably not--unless they want to be just another shell of a motorcycle company battling for the H-D scraps and dying a slow death. In any case, Indian better hurry, because if what I've heard is true, Victory may be charting a course very similar to the one I've described. We'll see.

The new, new Indian can contact me through this board if they would like to compensate me.

SparkyBlue 08-03-2004 10:56 AM

Re: Stellican Limited, Owners of Chris-Craft Boats Acquire Indian Motorcycle Brand
It would be nice to see some forward thinking American ingenuity in a motorcycle. Antique overweight air cooled sickles in a equally ancient chasis just don't do it for me. Buell is trying. Maybe we'll get there one day; one can only hope.

Buzglyd 08-03-2004 11:03 AM

Re: Good move
I'm sure Mazlow mixed that in somewhere in his theory.

mscuddy 08-03-2004 11:04 AM

Re: Look, off the starboard main...
"Set the sea and anchor detail" ?

pdad13 08-03-2004 11:07 AM

Re: Good move
All of what you say may be true. Very good observations. But, this all depends on the long-term outlook of the heavyweight cruiser market. I'm not so sure there's that much growth left. And for Indian to survive long-term, they've probably got to be in the top three or four in sales eventually.

I also think that the last Indian debacle has tarnished the brand. It has lost some of it's cache. It's easy to think of it as just a *****d-around label someone is slapping on a mediorcre motorcycle. I think Indian needs to be brave this time and set it's own course to build new confidence in the brand. Making another me-too cruiser is not making a strong statement.

Buzglyd 08-03-2004 11:11 AM

Excuse me Mr Gen X
Aren't you looking at a cruiser right now?

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