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Default Expert Advice Needed: Silver Wing w/ABS Tires?

Dear Friends:

Just bought a new 2007 Silver Wing w/ABS & OEM Bridgestone Hoop tires. I live in Florida & will be traveling between (approx 400 miles) & within Jacksonville & Miami on a regular basis.

The wet season will last at least another 4 months. As safety is my utmost concern, which are the highest quality tires for my needs?

Thank you all in advance for your assistance. It is much appreciated.
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Expert Advice?

Why, you've come to exactly the right place my good fellow!

We have more Experts per-capita here than ANY other website short of MENSA.

We even used to have a Genuine Boing(sic) Ashtray-Engineer on the payroll! Oh, THOSE were the days! There wasn't a question he didn't have an answer for, no-matter HOW ridiculous it might seem (the answer, not the question).

He's gone now, thank Christ............
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Tires these days are all pretty darn good. I hang out with a group of wet-weather riders and no one seems to worry much about wet-road performance any longer. Durability versus stick is the concern; a harder tire will last longer but won't give you quite the cornering performance a gummier tire would. Frankly, I'd just ride on those Bridgestones until they wore out, and then find another tire.
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As a year round rider in Portland, I'll echo Sachi's thoughts. I don't know what size rims the Silver Wing has? That may be your challenge. I've been very happy with Bridgestone BT020's in the rain, but most sport touring tires will meet your needs.
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I'm a big fan of the Avon Storm (nee' Azaro) for a sport-touring tire. Great mileage, good grip and decent price.

Echoing above, I don't know if they make the right size for your 'Wing.
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Here's my advice after a lifetime of riding in the Florida rain, especially in the summer: don't. Doesn't matter how good your tires are, or how good your riding is, the cagers become even more addled and dangerous than they usually are, which isn't easy to accomplish. They turn on their emergency flashers and slow to 15mph on the Interstate, swerving across 3 lanes at every sign of a puddle. Aside from the cagers, the roads accumulate so much water that a truck can produce a roostertail that will hose you right off your bike. From now till late August, I'll be riding in the am when I can, and in the car after noon.
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