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Default 1973 Cb500

My wife finally gave me permission to buy a motorcycle...after 8 years of "convincing" I'm now so excited it's difficult to not outright wet myself. I've been the passenger on a motorcycle twice many years ago and I've wanted one of my own ever since.

I've never driven any kind of motorcycle before, so I'm a bit leery about buying something too big to handle. I'm 6'3" and 145 lbs. soaking wet so I don't want to buy something that will drive me more than I drive it.

All that being said, my question is this. I've found a 1973 Honda CB500/Four for sale and I'd like to know if this is a good bike to start with. I'm not interested in a crotch-rocket, nor will I ever ride off-road, and I'm pretty sure a giant "hog" is not a good choice for a beginner like myself.

Also, is there anywhere online that has a price guide where I can look up a "blue book" price for this bike? Kelly Blue Book and NADA don't have a listing for it.

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With the proper MSF training under your belt, I don't see why that shouldn't be a proper first motorcycle - just big-enough to kill you if you disrespect it, not strong-enough to kill you if you pay-attention to what you (and those around you) are doing.

And, it'll be a learning experience - a moto that old is certain to have flaws and the occasional breakdown. Even a well cared-for example will likely to be crusty-enough to make servicing "interesting".

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Can't you talk the wife into letting you buy something that's a little newer and more reliable?

I don't think a 35 year old motorcycle is a good starter bike no matter how small.

I've got a 1979 RD400 for sale!
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cb500 4? Yikes. Many parts are discontinued. Good luck keeping an even perfect specimen running. The bike was never popular even when new. The CB450 was faster and the CB750 didn't cost much more.

Don't believe any "rare" or "collector's item" BS. This is a turkey for an inexperienced rider. Most shops will never touch a bike that old.
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Try to find a mid 90's or newer CB750 Nighthawk. They were cheap as chips new and unless the P.O. was a total moron should be reliable as a brick, very controllable power and decent handling, nice and light weight. For your height it should work out well. I'd also recommend passing on the '73.....
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Concur on finding something newer. There are other good choices out there that will be lighter, safer, and easier to ride.
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"My wife finally gave me permission to buy a motorcycle...after 8 years of "convincing""

Sounds like you are in trouble right from the git-go.
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That CB500 was near indestructable. Go for it, a little big for a first bike, but nice and tame. Watch out for seized disc brakes & bad timing chain tensoners.
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