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Default 1983 HOnda NightHawk Engine cut out semmingly random.

i went for a quick ride to a friends house, gased up, and headed back home. about 30 miles total. everything was performing fine. 1/2 mile from home at a stop sign my engine just stops when i tried to accelerate. i tried to restart and there was absolutely no response. luckily i was able to push it home and got my bike on its center stand. battery level looks great (brand new), and the oil level looks fine, though dirty. the oil light never illuminated when the engine cut out. after it sits a little, there are more signs of it trying to start (the little clicking of a trying battery) but no turn-over.

i just did a 1189mile ride around lake MI 3 weeks ago and noticed that i lost some oil around the head gasket and oil cooler. i was able to top it off before it was very low. with a full belly of oil i have gone on a few more rides, no more than 100 miles in a day or at RPM that exceeds 5500 for very long.

there was an issue similar when i bought the bike regarding a nut loose in the carb, but to be honest i cannot remember because that was last year and this is my first bike. evidently that was an issue with the nighthawk 550s from 83 but it should have been rectified.

Any thoughts or ideas are truely appreciated.

thanks, Mark

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If it is "clicking" but not cranking, then the battery is not "good" - but good & flat.

Recharge, retry, then report back what happens.

If you decide to jump-start the bike from a car/truck, ensure the car is NOT running. You'll only shoot yourself in the other foot if you do.
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Originally Posted by NightHawk83 View Post
battery level looks great (brand new),
The level of liquid inside the battery means virtually nothing as far as how "good" the battery IS.

Why do you have a brand new battery in the first place ?
Did you charge it fully before it was installed ??

My guess: your charging system has failed and that's why the old battery went dead. When you used up the initial charge in the new battery, it is now dead too........because it isn't being recharged.

When replacing a battery you should ALWAYS test the charging sytem too.

P.S. If you really think that a part loose in the carb bears ANY resemblence to an oil leak OR to the battery going dead...........then you should NOT be trying to do any of your own maintenance.
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