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I'd apologize for the others, but it wouldn't do any good.

My guess why the four are leaking/overflowing is because the carbs are WAY gorped up, and all the floats are sticking. Sitting for long periods of time,especially without fuel treatment, is bad news. Even more so nowadays with the various additives, particularly ethanol, that are in the 'gas.'

You can try filling the carbs with Chemtool B12/SeaFoam or similar, and then smacking them a couple times, but I'm guessing they'll need to come out for a proper clean and adjust.

The ultrasonic bath alone will not do the job. You'll need to get into the ports and venturis with a fine piece of copper (NOT steel!) wire to ensure all the passages are clear. For instance, the idle circuits are clogged, so the bike will idle only when you choke/enrichen it.

Heed Seruzawa's advice. He is not a fan of the old Magna's. They are not Honda's finest product. You might Search for other posts on the topic.

Otherwise, welcome aboard!
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Originally Posted by Captain Steve View Post
I read that and thought the tone was a bit harsh. You basically called him a newb and then a gullable newb.

ER-2 isn't the most diplomatic guy on the board, but I think he means well. Usually his mechanical advice is good.
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Originally Posted by Captain Steve View Post
I read that and thought the tone was a bit harsh. You basically called him a newb and then a gullable newb.
Well, my tone often IS a little harsh.
I don't believe in beating around the bush.

In this case, I turned out to be way off in my assesment of his newb status......if you believe his "master mechanic" claim......but we have nothing to go by but what is typed. That all sounded pretty newb to me.

Since when is actually being a newb something to be ashamed of ??
Unless you are a seasoned veteran and still project that image !!

I am sorry he got upset. I am not sorry for what I said.
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