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lost town riderz
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Default Rotten eggs

I have a 96 Magna, been running great till recently. My batery neg cable connection broke a week ago and killed it. I jumped it off after fixing the cable and it did fine for a few days. The other day I noticed it started smelling like rotten eggs! I stoped at a red light started to let out on the clutch, it popped and died. I had no power whatsoever. I jumped it off and it would idle but as soon as I hit the gas it would die. I replaced the batery and noticed the headlight was blown so I replaced it as well (all parts from Honda). Now today I'm smelling that "rotten egg" smell and noticed my headlight was out (low beam only, high beam works)! Has anyone else had this happen???
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The rotten egg smell is sulphur from you battery. Put on rubber gloves and pull it. Recycle it and put in a new one. Make sure to wash everything thoroughly to get off any acid residue. Do it now because your battery is almost 100% sure to be leaking. The acid will eat right through any steel like the brackets, your frame.... etc.
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lost town riderz
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No battery leak! I just took it out and checked it!
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Easy Rider 2
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Originally Posted by lost town riderz View Post
No battery leak! I just took it out and checked it!
How's the water level ?

It could be overcharging......or have an internal short causing it to boil "gas" out of the overflow hose.

Next, you need a voltmeter to check the voltages, both off and on/charging.

While not too likely, that smell can also come from a badly corroded and arcing connection point......like the other end of the positive cable on the solenoid or there is corrosion INSIDE the battery post connectors OR your "fix" is defective.
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Morbo the Destroyer
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Is it National Magna Month? WTF, this makes what, 4 in a row?
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That Smell is what The Rock's Cookin', Yo!

Can YOU smell it?
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With a good, charged battery installed, check the the charging level with a volt meter. Positive probe to pos terminal and negative probe to neg terminal, if it is over 14volts then your regulator/rectifier is overcharging, they often do this when they go bad. The rotten egg smell came from your battery blowing up due to being charged at something like 19 volts.
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Honda V4's are notorious for charging system issues. The voltage rectifier/ regulator is likely to be the culprit here. As stated above.
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