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themoparjunky 04-28-2011 09:42 AM

Honda Rod bearing id/colour help
I was just doing a quick cam chain replacement in my 1978 CB 400T I when I found the #1 rod bearings were corroded.The crank is good(.0002 smaller), but I want to get a size that gives me good oil clearance. In the Clymers book it states that you need the numbers off the crank flyweight and off the con rod cap. There is a 2 on the flyweight but the only number I found was an S-2 on the rod cap(cast, not punched)-it would give me a "Brown" bearing. I measured the crank and the inside of the rod(torqued with no shells).
The rod is 1.537 and the crank is 1.4171, so the clearance is .1201 minus .001 for oil clearance giving me .0595 (.1191 total) for the bearing shell.

I have a choice of brown, black or Blue. Brown is .0591-.0592, Black is .0592-.0593 and Blue is .0593-.0594).
I chose Black, but there are 3 kinds of black bearings(according to the parts guy).

What bearings do I need?

I have never had to deal with journal bearings on Hondas before and its a no return policy. I love having fun with these Hondas, but not this much.


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