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Default 1983 Honda cm250 belt help.

Can somebody help me. I am a new rider. A family friend gave me a 1983 Honda cm250 custom. The bike runs great, but it is missing the drive belt. I am unemployed and on a tight budget. Honda, if they can find a belt wants $175-$240 for a belt.I have the part number, 40530-kb 4-7730-mi. Does anyone know what I can do? Is there a way to change to a chain drive? Thank you for any help you can give.
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Changing to a chain drive would require considerable skills. It's theoretically possible, but not a practical solution.

Have you checked with the motorcycle junkyards? They are on line and will ship parts. I'm sure they could find and pull a belt for you.
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Originally Posted by Morbo the Destroyer View Post
Have you checked with the motorcycle junkyards? They are on line and will ship parts. I'm sure they could find and pull a belt for you.
As in .......a Google search for "motorcycle parts used" ???
Or whatever is your favorite search engine.
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Default Converting From Belt Drive to Chain Drive

First of all, the '83 Honda CM250 Custom is fun and reliable. It is the first bike I've ever owned, it has almost 38,000 miles, and still running like a brand new bike.
With ten years on the belt, it finally gave out and i went searching. If you're not aware, the '83 is the only year of CM that is belt drive. Very simply, get on Ebay, and order front and rear sprockets from an '82 Honda CM250 custom. They'll bolt right up! Copy and paste
For Rear Sprocket:
JT 520 REAR Sprocket: HONDA CM 250 C CM250 C 1982 30T | eBay
For Front Sprocket:
JT 520 FRONT Sprocket: HONDA CM 250 C CM250 C 1982 14T | eBay

for the rear sprocket, you will need a spacer to go between the big snap ring and the sprocket. Most Motorcycle chains are the same size so you should be all set!
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