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Default 1983 V45 Fuel Cut Relay

So about a year ago, I encountered a shot fuel-cutoff relay. I've survived with a jumper across the harness for some time, but I'm giving the bike a top-to-bottom servicing and am trying to wire up a replacement relay now.

Question: Is the original relay a solid-state bit? It certainly appeared a bit bulky to be one, but the harness only has three wires. I picked up a radioshack automotive relay (electromechanical), but I'm not sure it'll work for me.

I have the electromechanical relay rigged as shown in the attachment. I added the grounding wire to the three-wire setup.

Will the fact that the trigger voltage is actually a "pulse" rather than true DC cause problems? I don't know how the electromechanical relays behave with a pulsed trigger voltage. Also, could I be grounding out my spark? The bike didn't start for me when I had it wired up for the first time last night...

I'm considering ordering a transistor relay and wiring it up with the blue wire as the base, white as the emitter, and the black as the collector if I don't find another solution. If nothing else, I imagine a solid-state transistor or thyristor setup would work better with the pulse from the ignition coils.

Any thoughts/recommendations?
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If the relay is activated by a pulse rather than a constant high voltage then it is a solid state relay. An electromagnetic relay won't work. My '84 Magna had the same problem so I rigged a toggle switch. No sense spending a lot of money on a bike that's just going to blow its tranny anyhow.
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