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Default CRF80F Shiftshaft Seal

I tried to PM Cuddy, but I couldn't get through.

My nephews have managed to mess up a 2004 CRF80F. They let the chain get WAY too loose, and threw it at least once.

It busted a big hole in the alternator/left crankcase cover, which I think I can get welded up pretty cheap. The bigger problem is the shift shaft seal.

The chain grr'd up the end of the seal housing, and the seal now doesn't.

My question is, can I remove and replace the seal without taking the shift shaft out? Any of you have any clever trick(s) up your sleeve?


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There is a tool that looks like an awl but is bent 90 degrees at the tip. Sometimes you can push it behind the seal along the shaft and pull the seal out. A bit of heat might help too. Some seals can only be removed from inside the case. I don't know if the CR80 requires disassembly of not.

However since it's a Honda expect the manual to require tear down and 27 special tools.
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