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Default '80 goldwing, the coil has broken twice now

I have a 1980 goldwing 1100 Interstate and I'm having some issues. I bought it a couple years ago and it ran great when i bought it. To make a really long story short.... in the last 7 months i've driven it from Utah to California to the border of belize and back to Mexico City, and have put about 10,000 miles on it. It started to fail and I know the basics with motors but I'm not a very good mechanic. After looking into it and asking around I decided it needed some carb work and for some reason wasn't receiving full spark. Eventually it got so bad it broke down and i couldn't get it to start back up again, so I took it to a motorcycle mechanic here and he cleaned the carburetor and found that the coil was broken, with a crack that ran the entire length of the coil housing, so he replaced that (with a used coil). He changed the spark plugs too, so those are new.

When I picked up the bike it ran great again... but really soon it started to fail again, and it would come and go. Sometimes when i would fiddle around with the spark wires and spark plugs it would work smooth again, but not too long after it would fail again. Then just the other day it broke down again, like before. I could keep it running, but couldn't get the RPMs up to drive it home. I pushed it home and started looking around and I can see the coil and that it has another crack in the housing!

So with my somewhat uneducated guess is that the coil is broken again, and for some reason there is something that is causing that to happen. I drove it maybe 200-250 miles since when i picked it up from the mechanic and the second coil broke.

So I was wondering if anyone knows what my problem might be??? What would cause the coil to break like that twice so quickly? Was it a mistake letting the mechanic put in a used coil? I don't want to put in another coil just for it to break again, without knowing what might be causing it to break. Also, being in Mexico City, the plus side it labor is cheap, but the downside is there isn't as much access to parts, opinions, and who knows if my mechanic is trustworthy or knows what he's doing. He comes recommended, but still it's hard to tell. Anyway, I was hoping for a little help from here before I take it back and pay more money and then have more problems later. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Age, I would hazard to guess, is the reason for the coil failures. A "used" coil might not even be in as good of shape as the original before IT started to fail.
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