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Default 82 cb750k charging problem

I am new to the forum but hope to share anything I may have learned and develop a valuable resource for keeping my 750 going for many years. Last year my 1982 cb750 died on the road after a short trip from Cincinnati to Dayton and back. I had no prior issues with bike. At the time it had an after market fairing. I remove it and replaced all of the original lighting. Thinking the battery may also be the culprit I replaced it with a new non-sealed battery. I checked the charging and as the bike idled the battery would drain in a matter of about 15 min until the bike would die and all I would get on re-start is a click from the solenoid. I used an electrical fault finding guide from the internet. Starting with the battery and going on through the regulator/rectifier and rotor. The regulator I believe to be working, and when I checked the rotor's slip rings for resistance I get about 1.6. At 3000 RPMs I get about 11.5 charge at the battery, and at 5000 RPMs I get about 11.7. Everything I guess points to the rotor. The bike only has 8427 miles and has been well cared for in my possession. I did purchase a new sealed battery from ybusa, and no change in charge hold or charging. Today I was mulling it over some more and after starting and idling for about 10 min, I noticed that cylinder 1 and 2 were blowing cold at the exhaust. Before I buy the very expensive rotor I was wondering if the lack of fire in cylinder 1 and 2 could cause any issue with charging? I have rebuilt the carbs and syncronized with a mercury meter. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I guess I will continue the quest and sink the money in the rotor.
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