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Default '86 Honda Magna broke down

Need a bit of advice, She's my first bike. Had to leave her parked overnight at a gas station. I've no way home till I can get a fix. Hopin for some help.

The bike came from California, now in Utah/Arizona. Been using it for a couple years regularly. Carb's have never been adjusted, I'm probably runnin a bit rich, but she works fine with good mileage. Rode about 20 miles today and topped off my 1/2 full tank with premium. I usually go with ultra, I don't use regular because it seemed to have a problem starting up. running in Utah's altitude. I made it bout 30 miles till I started losing juice. Suddenly felt like she wasn't getting gas. pulled the throttle a couple times and got no response. Electrical still working fine. Tried a few times to start it up. Sounds like its tryin to turn over but it's not happening, gave it full choke, checked if the gas switch was still on. Heat wasn't up but 2/5'th of the gauge so that wasn't an issue. Nothing simple wrong so I pushed it a couple miles to the next gas station.

Sat around for about an hour and met a group of about 5 Harley riders. One of the guy's gave me an octane booster to try. Tried to start it, let it sit for about an hour and tried to start it again. Oil light was on so fed it a bit. Doesn't seem like any change in trying to start. I never had to do any major tinkering on a bike so not sure what to check or try next but I'm determined to find a fix.
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Fuel filter might be clogged. You have to remove the rear wheel to get at it.
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The oil light should be on if the engine is not running.
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