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blah blah
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Default which way to turn the idle

honda cb600f 2001, is idleing too fast, i was messing about with it when I had the carbs off. which way to turn it to slow her down on the idle?
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There is a main idle adjustment knob. Try turning it. If the idle goes higher, then turn it the other way.
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blah blah
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got it......long day cleaning carbs in the sun has fried my brain. nice one. in the meantime, takin the tank on and off has frayed the fuel line where it connects to the tap. its sopund now but im sure it will leak, anyone know off hand the diameter so I dont need to take it off and on yet again?

(youd thhink it would be in the manual)
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It's probably a formed "proprietary" hose with one diameter at one end, a few specially-formed bends to keep the hose from kinking-closed, and another diameter at the other end. (usually 1/4" and 5/16", or 5/16" and 3/8" - or the metric equivalents)

Ah, that crazy Honda! Always playin' practical jokes like this on unsuspecting victims..............

Try looking at the fiche for your cbr on bikebandit.com
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Clockwise would raise the idle essentially turning it in. Counterclockwise would lower the idle turning it out. Also what LR said.
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