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Default '77 CB550 Compression Test

I recently purchased a '77 CB550 that was in pieces. Frame, engine and a couple boxes of misc. parts. I mounted the engine and ran a compression test last night. I have never ran a compression test and I wanted to make sure I am doing it right. First off, I do not have the carburetors installed and there is very little oil in the engine. I don't think that this matters, but thought I would point it out. I removed all of the plugs and got ready for the test. So, using the kick started, I tested each cylinder and here is what I found: 65, 70, 65, 85. Not good right. I can only hope that I am doing something wrong. Can I kick enough compression to get to the desired 120+?

Second question: I cleaned the carbs and they were badly varnished. I was able to clean them up pretty good, however I am not able to get flow through two of the idler jets. Any ideas here? Maybe it will still run and they will clear out on their own??
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Put a little oil in the cylinders before the compression check. Another problem is that the rings may not be seating properly from sitting so long. Running it first would help that. The carbs will not clean themselves out. You need to get em squeaky clean and set correctly before you install them or you will just be taking them off again. Good luck.
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