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blah blah
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Default hond cb600 hornet

yesterday it was dead, noticed (girldfiend noticed) corrosion in the starter motor solenoid. The fuse was corroded too, new fuse and she starts fine. New one on order. should be here by the weekend.
However it looks like a sunny weekend so i want her working, at the moment shes running fine until 50000rpm, then starts to lose power, likewise on the hills shes a little bit dull on the throttle.
Yesterday we had the fuel tank off chasing the original fault. Ive checked al the hoses are connected sweet, looks okay.

So the question is....is the loss of power at 5000rpm related to the starter motor solenoid corrosion or is it a fuel supply issue? and if so any ideas where to look?

I could wait for the solenoid to come and try it after that but if anyone has any ideas in advance that could rescue my planned weekend mission I would be really greatfull.
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This is a pre-2007 (carbureted) version, yes? Maybe you should post on HHOC :: View Forum - 600 Hornet/599/98--09 models
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Time to take those carbs off for a good cleaning.
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blah blah
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thats what I was worried about, no idea about that sort of thing, time to try and downlad a service manual then
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In addition to the carbs, if you had corrosion on all that; look at your engine and frame grounds, and pay particular attention to the battery connections. Any wires that have significant corrosion back up underneath the insulation can also cause flakiness.
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