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VFR800-1 12-29-2001 10:05 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
Talk about an UNRELENTING ASS !!! "I will never admit they are completely different." How freaking dumb!!! They are as completely different as night and day! I'll bet that this guy doesn't even know what a fuel injected V-FOUR is!!! And not to mention that he is probably too blind to see that there is a single sided swingarm to boot! This guy probably thinks that Aprillia brought the first single sided swingarm to market! This guy is too dumb to know that he should be comparing the zx9pig to the CBR954RR. And probably believes that the RC51 is no different than the ZX9R. Sounds like he would be better off on a Harley with a 300lb bikini wearing doll!

VFR800-1 12-29-2001 10:33 AM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
Madcow's a brit!!! And I don't mean that negatively! Please correct me if I'm wrong...but putting NC30 and madcow together in my book says "British". As a previous owner of an 86 NC30, 83 VFR750, and a 1999 VFR800 the best thing that comes to my mind is the V-FOUR exhaust note!!! I will wait to see if I can live without the Geartrain whine. And the new VFR is supposed to have more induction noise especially when 7000 rpm hits. I'll buy the VFR without them and let you know.

vtr_996 12-29-2001 05:01 PM

Re: You can pull from Viffer any time...
C'mon kids, they're both good bikes. The Superhawk for it's all around ability, and the VFR for its couch-like comfort and handling. ;)

You're right though, I definitely wouldn't want my Superhawk when traveling through the middle of nowhere without a gas station in sight. 135 miles and kaput.

polishnightmare 12-29-2001 07:00 PM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
True concerning the cost, but that wasn't part of the discussion. It was concerning horse power. All I was saying was yes it has more HP, but it also weighs alot more and the Ducati has better suspension. Also I think the wt facor is important. It is suppose to be a sport/sporttourier. That to me means more on the sport side than touring. There is no reason why this thing should add wieght. As for wt. I am 6'2. Concerning type of bike for me, i currently have a B12. Which is a standard. Yes it wieghs more but it is not a sport touring bike either. Also as far as power mine is putting 78ft/lbs. and 112 Hp to the tire. In addition mine cost 4K less than the VFR and for that I could get suspension up grades, power upgrades,and maybe a turbo. All in all they missed the boat.

polishnightmare 12-29-2001 07:02 PM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
missed part of my message. I am 6'2" and wt. 240 lbs.

VFR800-1 12-30-2001 10:50 AM

Re: It meets 2008 Emissions PEOPLE!
Of course they are available...your local dealer ought to be able to look them would help if you provided the year and country of looks as if some of the european versions have better graphics.

madcow 12-30-2001 02:48 PM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
Nope, Madcow's an Aussie. No offence taken! Speaking of exhaust note I notice that the 360 degree crank models sound a bit like a blender from the exhaust (eg my NC30) but are saved by a great induction roar. And even though I like the exhaust note of the 180 degree VFRs I would have preferred if they were 360 degree 'big-bang' engines too.

brroth 12-30-2001 08:44 PM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
Ducati's desmo system is a superior system in that it loses less parasitic horsepower through friction. There is no valve spring pressure to overcome. Have you ever tried to spin a normal valvespring type camshaft in an engine by hand? It requires a fair effort. Also the desmo system eliminates valve float.

HyperBusa 12-30-2001 09:38 PM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
This seems like a worthless datapoint. Go ride the thing on a week long tour, write up an article, and THEN tell us what you think. I'll come back then.

ozman 12-30-2001 10:22 PM

Re: Year 2002 VFR Interceptor Dyno Run
I dunno what sort of dyno test they did on the 2002 VFR in the States,but I'm looking at a Pommie (English) mag. (superbike Jan. 2002) which gives dyno test results as power -101 BHP @ 10,700 rpm and torque -56 ft. lbs. @8600 rpm.

Both these figures are significantly up on my 2001 VFR (about 5%)

Maybe it's some sort of emission control that's buggering up the results in US. Or maybe it's just pommie wishful thinking.

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