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luvmyvfr 11-29-2001 03:47 PM

One half million ATVs from North Carolina plant

Maybe our Harley trolls (i.e. Todd8080) can go out an buy a Honda fourtrax then, and feel good about it. HSC has produced more ATV's than Harley has motorcycles in the last 3 years (years reported on HD website). I'd say that makes buying them pretty American, and nothing for extreme xenophobes to be ashamed about. They can choose to support the American economy, and have a product that actually is a quality product.

Flame away!


Poser 11-29-2001 03:56 PM

Re: One half million ATVs from North Carolina plant
I had a 1979 CB650. I wonder what kind of motorcycles they were assembling (not making- assembling) in the United States then. Just 'Wings?

I assume that first plant was in Marysville, Ohio, but I am not sure. When will they just move to Detroit and get it over with?

ulhpilot 11-29-2001 06:53 PM

Breaking News!! SC annexed into NC!!!
The subject title says 'North Carolina' and the story says 'South Carolina'. Last I heard they are two different states. Journalism at it's professional best.

boxjoint 11-30-2001 01:01 AM

Ignorance is Un-Avoidable
People like TODD8080 WILL find another reason to hate the product. I talked to many Harley Guys(Like him that is, there are many sane Harley Riders out there) about the V-Rod as well as the SuperBike VR1000. Their comment is always the same "that aint' no motorcikel". A lot of these so-called Americans do not want Harley to progress, they want the rest of us to settle for a push rod, extra long wheel base, 15k + machine. They don't hate imports, they hate progress.

BTW, I have a Japanese street bike and an American (Polaris) atv. Love them both.

pplassm 11-30-2001 02:43 AM

Re: One half million ATVs from North Carolina plant
This sucks on many levels. ATV's ought to be banned.

jamesohoh7 11-30-2001 05:37 AM

Re: One half million ATVs from North Carolina plant
Nah..what they'd probably say is something to the effect of "those dollars are eventually feeding the economy of Japan and NOT America's... it's un-American!" or some other drivel that completely ignores the fact that Honda could just as easily move that plant out of the country entirely and put a lot of Americans from that plant out of work. Any minute now.. they'll post it, watch! :)

weasel 11-30-2001 06:52 AM

Re: One half million ATVs from North Carolina plant
North carolina is is is a different state from south carolina.Atv"s are made for fat lazy red necks to ride.My opinion .

fullhouse 11-30-2001 02:00 PM

Re: One half million ATVs from North Carolina plant
While many ATV riders are beer swilling bozos, some are not. I keep two blasters for breaking and keeping clear the woods trails so that my family can (two wheel) dirt ride. My wife and I have 2000 ZXs and also '90s dual sports. With post grad degrees, we are definitely not rednecks.

Plenty of airheads mis-ride sport bikes, cruisers and dirt bikes. Banning quads would just be a first step down a very slippery slope. As Ben Franklin said, we must all hang together or surely we will all hang separately.

moose 12-01-2001 02:14 AM

Re: One half million ATVs from North Carolina plant
they've run out of lame excuses for their existance a long time ago. but they still use that "brought to you by the same people who brought you pearl harbor" line. it's the purple haze they "live" in, and they have no logical or valid explanation for their resentment for anyhting that's not harley. let them be what they "wanna" be. i'm enjoying my great japanese "crotch rocket" very much thank you.

luvmyvfr 12-02-2001 01:44 AM

Relax my friend...
Just having some fun Rod. Went to the International Motorcycle Show here in Seattle this weekend. The V-Rod really is a pretty bike, even more so in person than in the pictures. I will never be able to own one though. Even if I had gobs of money, couldn't bring myself to pay that much for ANY motorcycle (maybe the RC 211V, though it would be worth 20 times the V-Rod's out the door price). Harley makes a decent, but over-priced (for me) product, I just thought that the comparable #'s were interesting, I see you took offense though. Who's insecure? I've nothing to be insecure about, after looking at all the bikes in the show, I was happy as a clam to be riding my VFR home (although the CBR1100XX is starting to look awfully good to me these days).

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