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Default A re-hash of the twin vs 4 cylinder situation?

While I know there are a lot of variables to consider, I just wonder in the end if the 4 stroke - 2 stroke situation next year will end up being the same as the 4 cylinder - twin cylinder relationship from a few years ago.

Back a few years ago when Honda was racing a works Twin, and Aprillia was racing in 500's, twins could often pull competitive lap times in practice, on a few occasions getting pole (mostly on tight tracks) but in a racing situation, they would get held up in corners by the worse handling 4's while getting blown away on the straights.

Will this be the same situation with 4-stroke vs 2-stroke 4's this year. It seems the 4 stroke is going to put out a heap more power than the 2-stroke, but it probably wont handle as well (for a start anyway). So I wonder if we'll see a repeat where there are compatible lap times in practice but in the races the 2 strokes will be running up the back of the 4's in corners, but getting blown away by the much more powerful 4-strokes on the straights?

What do you all think?
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Default Re: A re-hash of the twin vs 4 cylinder situation?

Good possibility. The problem may be getting the power to the ground, though. However, the four strokes may have broader powerbands, and therefore might be more ridable. It's all speculation as of now.
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Default How about Katoh!

He wins championships every other year and shows up as world class competitive in his first test on an unfamiliar bike. Talk about consistent!
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Default The E-zines are a Honda tool

Roadracingworld, motorcycledaily, cyclenews, motorcyclenews etc etc, all singing the praises of the all-conquering RC211V, turning an unbeatable 143.1 with Rossi at the controls. Proof positive that the 4strokes will wallop the 2strokes(and also that there is a vast 4stroke conspiracy). well guess who turned a 142.6 today? i'll give you a hint - he's a rookie, and he's riding a 2stroke.

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Default Re: The E-zines are a Honda tool

Well, I don't know the source of your 4-stroke-hate, but there are many reasons why I don't give a damn about these lap times, one of them being Rossi TESTING the bike, not pushing it, a totally unfamiliar technology, totally different behavior, totally different powerband, lots of power, a totally new thing - HARD engine braking (yes, after a 2-stroke with no engine braking, he gets now a 4-stroke with 220hp, imagine how hard that thing brakes when you close the throttle). And lots of other things, like the rookie's will to show everyone he's worthy and pushing the hell of the bike, which behaves just like his old tool, only with added power. I'll wait for the real race, and the final state of the RC211V, race-ready, before any conclusions. And I actually like the 4-stroke conspiracy - more chances to develop a usable technology for the street. And, about 2-strokes - I don't like or dislike them, but I also can't understand the source of 4-stroke hatred - I hated riding RGV250 on the street, and who cares about the engine displacement - "this 500cc machine produces as much power as 4st 1000cc !!! So cool !!!" - what the hell?! It eats MORE fuel than double-capacity 4st, it produces LESS power, the power is MUCH LESS controllable, peaky, street-unusable, no engine-braking (which is a good thing), pollutes (still no clean tech for big 2st), and banned off the street for most. Why insisting on its existence? Small capacity dirtbikes still run 2st, for their lower weight, and more suitable power delivery. For streetbikes - I don't see the use of it. And I'd be very happy to get a smaller version of 220hp-producing-IN-A-FRIENDLY-WAY V5 in my bike..
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