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Lloyd 11-03-2000 05:51 AM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test
My dearly beloved has been lobbying for the comfort of a Wing for our extended travels. The pillion position on our Kawasaki Concours is not the most comfortable place to spend 2 or 3 weeks on the road. We love the performance and handling and haven't wanted to compromise that. I think Honda may have a convert in a year or two with this sportier version. From the pictures, I don't think it is at all bad looking. Pricey? Yes, but what isn't?


Lloyd Mather, Toronto

Selden 11-03-2000 07:39 AM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test
It is nice to see Honda offering innovative engineering again. The Gold Wing series was long overdue for an overhaul. In its niche, the new wing looks like a category killer, with handling equal to or better than the BMW flagship, a lower center of gravity, and much better reliability.

I am not a large rider (a HawkGT fits me perfectly), and the old wings were just too huge even for consideration. For two-up riding I currently ride a 1994 PC800, which at 640 pounds is near the limit of what I feel I can handle comfortably at low speeds. While the PC is comfortable enough and handles well, it is seriously underpowered, and the windshield generates a lot of buffeting. The 2001 wing is probably still too big for me to feel comfortble with, but I will take a close look when they start showing up at dealers, although I think it's still too huge and baroque for my tastes.

Now, if Honda would just produce a minimalist touring bike for smaller riders, with say 80 BHP and a dry weight of less than 600 pounds. The VTR comes close, but lacks luggage, has chain drive, and none of the ones I have ridden handles twisty mountain roads nearly as quickly as my Hawk or PC.

SugarMrPoon 11-03-2000 11:21 AM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test
Hell Yeah! Wheelie the Wing!

SugarMrPoon 11-03-2000 11:22 AM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test
We do get the EL, it's called a Civic.

wingdave 11-03-2000 01:03 PM

Re: sport bikers..
thanks lex.. i think you're dead on with the adjustable (power) windshield.. heated seats..etc, that the beemer offers, honda should take a hint.. I have been seriously contemplating any and all big tourers.. (old school luxo style) until I saw the yammy on this site (FJ 1300) unfortunately not available in the US.. thanks for your input.

Time for many test rides..

lanesplitter 11-04-2000 12:21 AM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test
Smack da .

Ratner 11-04-2000 11:20 PM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test
The tradeoff for needing a valve inspection is higher revs, better fuel economy and lower emissions.

Sure, the 1500 has self-adjusting valves, but you sacrifice a lot in terms of efficiency.

celso 11-07-2000 05:43 AM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test & automatically being dub
I was surprised also, but as I wanted the information, I had to fill the goddammed thing.

This format sucks!

wytehows 11-09-2000 04:16 PM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test
What a sharp peice of machinery. They have kept up with the styles of the young and gifted. I would love to have one. They have my vote. Good job Honda!!!!

caderider 11-22-2000 10:08 AM

Re: 2001 Honda Gold Wing Road Test
Just curious, what is the definition of 'real biker'? I thought that if you drive you are a driver. If you walk, you are a walker. Doesn't it stand to reason that if you bike, then you are a biker?

For some reason, whenever i rearrange 'real biker' all I get is 'wannabe'. I dunno.

I love tourers! I ride what I want, not what others tell me I should.

For me, full dressers are tops!

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