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blip 10-31-2000 01:50 PM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
Cool bike! They should bring it to the US!

IceWorm 10-31-2000 02:46 PM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
Honda, you had your chance to make and sell a bike like that in this country with no competitition. Yep, that was then and this is now. Good luck competing against the likes of Bandits and ZRXs and FZ1s. Oh, one more thing in case you have not noticed, Yamaha is kicking your but in the cruiser wars!

tony 10-31-2000 03:22 PM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
I beleive Standards will sell if there the right kind. Americans like lots of horse power and torque. Bringing a detuned version of the already detuned cbr1000 to the US was a mistake. I was one of the folks asking for a conventional bike. CB1000 was not what I was asking for. One of the reasons Japanese bikes sold in the first place was reliability and performance. We bought bigger cc bikes because of the power. If Honda could bring a bike to the US that was on par with the Bandit or FZ1 then I'd go with Honda. So the question is do I go buy a new Bandit or wait for the new FZ1.

john 10-31-2000 04:49 PM

Re: Pictures of Honda''s CB1300SF
It's got that bigass radiator shroud b/c the radiator would stick out 4 inches on each side. I think this bike would be easy enough to tune.

Another thing on the x-11; its got a fully NON adjustable suspension (well, rear preload i think). From the looks of the cb1300, it may be a bit sportier than the x-11, which Bike magazine says is an absolute handful around town and has a steering lock that would scare a ducati.

Patrick-of-the-Hills 10-31-2000 07:50 PM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
Oh, yay, another grossly over-motored superstandard. Just a second while I finish jumping up and down in glee. [Please hold for the next available moment without bitter sneering.]

Honda doesn't need this bike in its US lineup at all, really. What it NEEDS is the CB500, or maybe the resurrection of the CB-1, or the Hawk GT, or both. What it also needs is a serious contemporary redesign of the CB750.

What Honda needs to do, really, is remember why everyone liked them in the first place (they once allegedly built smallish, sophisticated yet inexpensive, thoroughly loveable bikes that everyone could own without stupid stereotypical baggage), get out of boring irrelevant niche games and corporate ego contests, and be the best mainstream bike company on the planet again. Is this too much to ask?

IceWorm 11-01-2000 01:51 AM

Re: Pictures of Honda''s CB1300SF
Ok, I will explain this to you one more time. There is nothing inherently good or bad in sportbike and cruiser styling. The reason they sell well is not because the styling is good, rather it is because there are plenty of people with a wallet full of money willing to traid it for these bikes. There may indeed be styling life after sportbikes and cruisers but it will never see the light of day unless the Please Build a Modern CB900 Club gets a lot larger. Now you are not suggesting Honda reproduce that stupid dual range tranny also are you?

GboroGoose 11-01-2000 03:11 AM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
Yeah, who else has a starter bike other than Buell? (Wooo, big paradigm shift!) Anybody want to jump in here & spec this out? Call me biased, but the old V50 Guzzi was neat for that class.

IceWorm 11-01-2000 04:27 AM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
Or Really? Take a ZRX and add a pipe and jet kit and drop in ZX11 cams and you in the same h.p. range you mentioned, plus you have that great fully adjustable suspension. For you Blandit owners that don't know what a fully adjustable suspension is, that means you can adjust not just the preload but also the compression and rebound damping front and back. Whoopee, horsepower and handling.

wingdave 11-01-2000 07:19 AM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
Honda is on the right track giving some options to either cruiser harley wanna be's (if I want a harley I'll buy a harley) or crotch rockets like the 'rest your beer belly on the tank' scoots, but I think they really are missing the boat on "dual sport" or euro-styled "suv" style do it all scooters that are selling like hotcakes overseas.

Personally, I think the varadero 1000 cc vtwin enduro styled sport tourer would suit my purposes best of all, but why won't honda bring them over the pond? Answer, SCARED execs who think all americans are cowboys who want to look like a dirty biker on the weekend.

How many units of the big GS 1150, or GS 650 (BMW) or Tiger (triumph) have sold? Enough to make honda sweat? Hardly.. they have the shadow.. ace..sabre..magna..valkyrie.. cruise on down to your honda dealer, the most noticeable difference in any of those bikes is displacement only.

Look at the BMW line guys..

not overdone.. one or two choices in each category.. done to near perfection.. and selling for a mint.(I'm not a fan of the price for a "bavarian money waster" as an MO staffer put it, but the concept is much better.)


Protect your heads, cats!

motorcyclerider 11-01-2000 07:31 AM

Re: Pictures of Honda''s CB1300SF
Sorry IceWorm but I agree with the orginal poster.

Currently ride a 80 GS1100E (double up) and that damn "stick in the air" tailend really sucks for the passenger!

Smaller seat, less legroom, ect. I really like the styling of the new 1200S Bandit but the passenger set up is usless. I like a "standard" do all bike and the big motor but it look like I will look elsewhere when new bike time comes in a couple of years. JMHO

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