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turnandburn 11-01-2000 09:58 AM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
Sounds like a plan to me. I may just buy one. Ain't sellin the ZRX though

nebo 11-01-2000 10:55 AM

Re: Pictures of Honda''s CB1300SF
I'm with you- and 6'8" , 315- riding a Bandit because the old road test in Cycle World said it was too much of a stretch for most folks. I see the new Bandit has the seat lowered a bit, so here they go again and take away a perfectly fine big guy bike. Now if they'd put on 19" wheels and raise the seat to 36" or so and lower the pegs a bit...oh well that's life on the edge of the bell curve.

Dave 11-01-2000 01:19 PM

Re: Pictures of Honda's CB1300SF
Honda, listen up! The guy you're selling to is the same guy that got into the sport in the 60's! We're gettin old but we're experienced riders who appreciate what they used to call "gentleman's express" motorcycles. We don't need your 1300cc in line four. What we DO need is your VTR 1000 motor in a sit up, flat seated, pegs underneath me, wide handlebarred, quality suspended and braked, capable of comfortable two up, sticky tired STANDARD with optional centerstand, windshield, backrest and hard bags. There's a lot of us who don't want a Wing but want the option of taking the spouse for a long ride when we're not carving our own corners. I've been waiting forever for the bike that doesn't force me to chose between my better half's comfort and performance that's acceptable to me. The whole baby boomer generation is stuck in this quandry! C'mon Honda, give us the answer!

Patrick-of-the-Hills 11-01-2000 04:14 PM

Re: Pictures of Honda''s CB1300SF
I'm not sure whether to be annoyed by the preconceptions on display here, or just amused.

For the record, I'm a typical Midwestern-raised corn-fed honkie, a shadow over six foot and well north of two hundred pounds, currently residing in the gloriously hilly valleys of New York's Finger Lakes (hence the handle). Furthermore, and more importantly, I'm a rank newbie, just holding my motorcycle learner's permit (at age 27; if anyone else is out there, don't wait any longer and blow any number of perfect riding days like I did) and honestly frustrated at the genuine disregard many/most manufacturers give to the entry-class rider. Furthermore, in the same way that I like agile high-revving imported cars more than big heavy lazy domestic bombers, I would flat-out LOVE the chance to own a 400cc superscreamer without EPA/DOT entanglements. No, I wouldn't be able to just kick back and watch the miles roll by lazily on one (there's a reason a Road King has also been on my long-time wish list, y'know), but that's not the point. I'd rather not learn on something overpowered or over-torquey or just too big; 'tis better to learn to RIDE, not just exhibit some panic-driven sense of power management. And playing the game of shaving corners here seems to favor a razor over an axe.

My gripe with Honda is that every model like the CB1300 represents not only another batch of federal certification dollars lost, but that it represents yet another shift away from, first, me and other newbie riders who need to learn how to ride well in order to be around long enough to purchase our third or fourth bike; and, second, those of us who want something smaller in general.

Yeah, the used-bike market caters to that need to a degree (winter weather notwithstanding I'm about two seconds away from snapping up either a slightly battered and quite cheap Hawk GT or a very pretty Bandit 400 at a dealer around Ithaca) but that's not a total solution. I want a Hornet 600, a Fazer 600 dressed up in the streetfighter hardware that we were teased with a few years ago, something between training wheels and a YZF-R6; a rational alternative to the SV650 (which I still want desperately), REAL bikes that are just smaller and more danceable than a liter-plus-displacement ox.

Yeah, go ahead and flame me all you want for being too new to the game to know what I'm talking about. I think I do, and I'm not alone.

bigjim 11-10-2000 01:08 PM

Re: Pictures of Honda''''s CB1300SF



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