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kwh 09-11-2001 01:31 AM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
Well, nearly. Same 650cc engine, but very slow steering chassis and shaft drive. It was initially called the Revere and launched with a 600cc version of the engine as a naked machine designed to appeal primarily to the Despatch Rider market in the UK, but the slow steering and the high price meant it didn't take off as well as it might. Later updated slightly to become the NTV650, also naked. Finally updated to the Deauville by clothing it in plastic and fitted luggage and making it into a baby Pan European, at which point it started to sell moderately well right across Europe.

rvfrules 09-11-2001 02:47 AM

Your information is off
Same 781cc size engine, same hp, torque goes up, weight goes up 5 kg. Keep your busa, add a givi topbox to make your wife feel more secure.

veefer69 09-11-2001 03:28 AM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
Help a guy out!! I just sold my 98 VFR because I needed the money, sad but true. Well, this winter will be much better financially so I can forsee next spring already. And there is a dilemma. What to buy? VFR or ST1300? My 98VFR did pain me a bit in the wrists. And the seat was a pain after 150 miles or so. Please hold all OLD references. So, I am thinking of the 1300. But I don't really want a gold wing type bike yet. I don't know. What is a 30 something to do. I am guessing its going to be the 1300. Long hauls are becoming more important to me now than carvin. BTW both 02 models are beautiful, I am not sure of the VFR exhaust though. I will wait to see what twobros comes out with. Maybe even for the ST1300.

VFRJunkie 09-11-2001 03:50 AM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
Or try

Contains more than just pictures.

starvingstudent 09-11-2001 04:24 AM

Re: One more thing
No no no, you're not a knuckledragging idiot on a Busa, you're just a bit impractical. Busas are all about excess (and some people just love excess), when a VFR or even SV650 is better suited to 99% of real-world riding.

Why I objected is naked bikes (or super-standards, or whatever) tend to be more about rideability than massive power excess. 108 hp is _far_ more than enough for any situation a naked bike could be in, and the increase in torque and long-term reliability are appropriate for a super-standard. Actually, if you compare the Hornet to bikes 20 years ago, it's _insanely_ powerful, and the streets haven't changed layout since then. I just thought your perspective of "not enough power" was drastically skewed by your choice of ride.

And would I be being too unrealistic by classifying you as a power-excess addict because you ride a Busa? ;)

nebo 09-11-2001 08:44 AM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
I Kinda like that DohVille, gonna need good mileage after gas goes to $6 when we're done bombing all the Oil producing nations back into the stone age.

coop 09-11-2001 09:52 AM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
good point, nebo, good point...

wavyd 09-11-2001 02:32 PM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
It has been rumored that part of the 10 new model release in the U.S. for '02 will include the Varadero adventure touring model that is available in now in Europe. Anybody have an scoop on that?

12er 09-12-2001 06:08 AM

Re: Not quite...
Try riding a light bike in strong winds vs a heaver bike in strong winds. Touring your going to see more inclimate weather than just scratching canyons. My Motard KLR 650 gets blow all over the place where as my K12RS remains planted in much stronger wind. Granted the K is a little more aerodynamic but my Brothers 996 is sleaker yet and still gets blown all over. Weight is a good thing on long rides sometimes.

12er 09-12-2001 06:25 AM

Re: New Hondas all over the web!
Take the ST over the VFR if your looking at long hauls. The added wind protection is a godsend. And by looking at it, its seems to have a little more lean angle built in than the previous model. I would of bought the last generation ST but I didnt fit. At 6'6" my Knees were stuffed into the fairing before you add the inch of padding my Aerostitch Knee pads provide. I was all set to buy a new VFR but then decided to shoot the moon and pick up my dream bike, 02 K12rs. That bike was designed for tall riders, fits like a glove. But what I was getting at is the new ST should handle great and probably will keep you happier longer if you ride a lot. Ive put 10k miles on my RS in the past 4.5 months with my only complaint being too small of a windshield. Though I'll be keeping my eye on the aftermarket for a nice touring shield. Still on a rented k12LT I had a blast scraping pegs at 110mph... So the ST should really rock in comparison.

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